BYU home winning record this century

Curiously, I just read a review of bball, DivI, home court winning percentage, Kansas, Duke, Michigan State, Kentucky were the only schools this century with a higher winning percentage…not a bad launching point for a career.

Sadly the Cougars barely won 50% of their road games…nothing near the lofty home court record.
If Pope can maintain home court dominance and bring back the road dominance of Rose’s early years good things will be in store.

Arizon I think was the only school with better regular attendance…why it is so low even with such winning is remarkable and concerning.

It will be hard to maintain that winning at home this year. I think the loss to BSU is a game they would have won handily with more fans in the MC. One needs to look no further than Duke, who has a huge home court winning tradition and great fan support. They are 2-2 at home and Coach K has suggested cancelling the season because of “Covid” but I’m guessing the mediocre record has something to do with it as well.

Covid has ramped up everywhere but I don’t understand how. EVERYONE around here is wearing masks wherever they go, something we’ve been told to do in order to “slow the spread” and the result seems to be that it is WAY worse than it was only months ago when people weren’t masking up as much. Weird…

Post Jimmer with some underperforming top 50 players and disgruntled fans during Rose’s last 5 years probably contributed to less fans. The same was true in football over the last four years, anyway. Lastly, I’m not sure the coming generations of students and fans are as sports oriented as they have been in prior years. There are a lot of distractions out there anymore with role playing diversions through technology, that leave lots of people sitting behind their computers escaping into the void😉. Lastly, winning, with coaches like Pope and Sitake’s will bring a lot of interest back

Wait… SR

You did two “lastly’s” and they kind of went in different directions. Too many distractions but winning with Pope and Sitake might bring them back.

Do you want to stick with that? I understand.

Yeh you are right -can’t be two lastly’s. But I will ask you a question-would you be more apt to go to a BYU game the last 5 years of the post Jimmer era under Rose or the last one plus years under Pope? Do you think the younger generation is apt to be less sports oriented than 20 years ago? I watch as many Gonzaga games as I do BYU games. Not because I grew up as a Zags fan, but for the fact I like well coached basketball teams with athletes. I’ve noticed even in high school, sports don’t dominate like they used to. Maybe it’s different in California. However, in a well coached and a successful program, at least the fans that would normally go aren’t staying home in apathy. There is probably no right answer, but it’s interesting to get other perspectives

No problem, you are correct on both of your “lastly’s”. I have observed both on numerous occasions, it is not different in California. There are a lot of strange things taking place, especially here in CA but a lot of what is going on is also the same as other places.

It’s like a virus. Starts in China and affects the entire world. Marxism seems to do the same thing. It seems like Americans are tired of fighting this disease and are allowing corruption and Marx principals to take over.