BYU hustling overachievers

I absolutely love this team-win or not leading by 4 at halftime. They epitomize the concept of team play. Players like Nixon, who most of us had given up on, are finding a way to contribute. I think Pope instills confidence in his players. I feel bad for Haws who is struggling both offensively and defensively and hope he finds himself soon. Win or lose-these guys are giving 100 percent

Wow, what a win for the 4-2 Cougars. TJ 15 pts finally got hot, Toolson 20 pts, Colby Lee 13 pts. and Nixon 8 pts. The game was late for me listening the game where I fell a sleep during 1st half but listen to the rest. I sure like to go back to that Boise State game to get that win.
Kansas Jayhawks coming up next.

That was as perfect game BYU has played in a long time! Don’t give me that over achiever crap either. This team has talent.

Two of us there…ESPN was in the locker room before the game, Pope micked up, “We have to trust our teammates” Thought it was cheesy at the time but they sure played team ball.

More like red hot. Barcello made fluffy the dog hair dew look slow, frustrated and ineffective.
Kansas will eat BYU alive…but then, I love it when Im wrong.

Well Kansas is Kansas, but I will take this victory and watch the Kansas game relaxed and happy-hoping we can put up a decent fight, knowing that I will enjoy a lot of BYU basketball in the future. Barcello is everything you said he would be

You know what’s sad here? Va Tech beat Mich State…BYU may have to play them if we lose to Kansas.

UCLA is young and new to Cronin’s system

Exactly, and why the NCAA can not afford for them to lose to BYU. Gonna be lots of iffy calls as Kansas goes to the hoop all night.

Fish. Funny how you use my initial names “dew” it. You see my son & my dad name as “daw” and my other son as “naw”

dew daw dew dah naw

I didn’t hold my breath last night against ucla and I won’t be for tonight game against Kansas. Would be nice to get a win or give them a scare. I was surprise that UVU gave Kentucky a scare in a close game at Rupp Arena.

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Look at the bright side. We don’t play Chamanade (sp?). We could still play VT if we do beat Kansas or what might happened on other game.
Winning over ucla is a big plus

Fluffy dog hair? Is that racist?

And another big plus…Bill Walton. He is the man. When you use weed and Shrooms, it apparently opens up doors in your brain sealed off to normal folks and you are left free to fly in dimensions one can only dream about.

Bring on Bill Walton anytime-always has good things to say about BYU and if the games boring he’s entertaining-don’t mind him a bit😎

Do we remember when he came to Marriott Cennter (ESPN) as a color comentor. He loves coming to Utah to Fly Fish in the Provo River. And I think he went skiing here too. Yes, he says a lot of good things about BYU too. Nice guy.

What bugs me is when ESPN shows the crowd or whatever when the game is going on and we miss some of the play. Stay on the game!