BYU in the running for 4-star athlete

BYU is on the list of Dawes final 4.

Read the article about what “Else” is important to this guy… Sounds like BYU has a good chance.

What is prized basketball recruit Keanu Dawes looking for in a school? - Deseret News

Unfortunately he signed with Rice. That’s a head scratcher unless he just wanted to remain in Houston and being familiar with Houston I don’t understand that either.

Keanu would of changed BYU’s floor presence, big time.
Pope needs a few horses for Collingsworth to pass to.

One year at Rice and he may try to transfer. Afterall, it is Rice y’all.

BTW BYU will be in the Big 12 so he will have plenty of opps to go home once he joins BYU and gets “Big Man Training”.
Yeah, lived in Houston a while - only positive was good restaurants - real Texas BBQ and real Mexican food. Do miss that.

Not really… It was reported that this kid signed a really big NIL deal to play for Rice…

Whoever said “Money talks, People walk” was not far off the mark.

Who is the Collingsworth that will do the passing?

The Dawes’ decision, though, brought me back to this perspective: I can’t let my sports happiness be decided by the whims of college athletes–even though it inevitably is. BYU still has a few 4-star basketball players on the radar so hopefully they sign with the Cougars. I join the chorus of those who say NIL and the transfer portal is destroying the love they have for college sports.

Still, I am reminded of how disappointed I was when Christian Popoola signed with Utah. He’s now out of basketball and didn’t do much at the three colleges he attended. My disappointment was–and will most likely continue to be–misplaced.

I’m with you on the NIL and transfer portal. Bring back the sit out one year rule.

Floyd: I can say with extreme confidence that NIL deals are simply being used to “buy” players–especially in basketball where a higher % of players can have a greater impact in their freshman seasons. I can also say with extreme confidence in the accuracy of my reporting that BYU really has tried to take the high road with NIL, focusing on deals that benefit all athletes, and not just the stars. I think the strategy here–especially in football where most players need a few years before they make much impact–is to help create cohesion and unity and discourage the young guys who don’t play right away from entering the transfer portal. I think that strategy may work in football but most basketball stars see the game as an individual game as opposed to a team game, so I’m zero % surprised we lost that kid. If his decision were based on basketball and TV exposure, almost anyone would rather play for BYU in the B12 than for Rice in Conference USA. But if Rice offered a giant signing bonus, it may have just been a no brainer for the kid.

NIL is a super interesting development, and like any major policy shift will have both unexpected positive and negative externalities–but the NCAA is a hypocritical, vengeful, cynical bureaucracy, and something had to be done to break its monopoly on who gets to get paid and who doesn’t, so NIL had to happen.

Finally, a great post with full logic and reasoning! I still believe the players are paid through scholarships. Perhaps the scholarship should include more college expenditures like transportation, food, clothing and other expenses for athletes. The NIL is causing bad decisions by athletes.

I believe most athletes food is part of their scholarships; they have nutritionist and other people helping them learn how to take care of their bodies. As well as paid tutors to help them with schoolwork and advisors to help them with adjusting to the college life. Therapist to help with mental health type issues (pressures of playing sports, going to school, maintaining a GPA, etc.)

I heard somewhere a scholarship if completed for four years is worth around 200K once you add all the ad-ons that goes along with the actual money to pay for admission and class fees.

Yet, they claim that schools are making $$$$ on the backs of the players. Not so sure that is true.

WOW! Imagine playing at Harvard or some really expensive school. Funny about the therapy stuff. That’s one of BYU’s main challenges is the head trip our kids have. Look at Hall’s 1st half performance. Big head trip!