BYU is now ranked

BYU made the biggest gains of any team in the nation this week, moving up eight spots in both the Associated Press and Coaches polls to Nos. 19 and 22.

So, will it last more than a week? UCLA is ranked 10 and 12 in the same polls.

UCLA is ligit. We will know how good we are.

If we keep it within 10, we are a legit top 25 team this season.

And if we beat them :slight_smile:

We are a legit top 15 if we beat them

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We have played good enough to be ranked. Now BYU will truly be tested…UCLA’s phenom Freshman came crashing to earth against UNLV and all their scoring came by the rushing game…BYU’s strength. We have a good chance.


I didn’t catch the game. I hope that we can shut down their QB, because I feel like we can shut down their run game.

I also agree with KC if we win we are legit top 15, and if we keep it close we are still top 25. A blowout lose is the only thing to fear, and I feel good that we will bring our best fight and keep it respectable.

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I am going with one game at a time approach. I am ignoring thinking about those Polls and NY6 for now. That 1st game hail mary I jumped and yell with joy but that 2nd game at the end I said “Again?” I look at the tv “YES”!

Sounds like good advice David.