BYU is well ahead of last year so it is all about dance seeding

If you recall, BYU lost 6 games in the WCC. After seeing us go on the road and dismantle middle of the pack teams of SCU and SFU, I just don’t see BYU having a bad week like last year when we lost 3 straight WCC games to lousy teams.

I want to see how we play at SMC and Portland as they are the only 2 teams outside of GU that seem to have the ability to upset BYU on the road.

BYU right now has got things figured out. They trust each other which leads to massive assists and wide open buckets. They are defending to the point that they are making the other team take bad shots and their 3s are falling like lay ups.

Right now BYU is playing for a good seed in the big Dance, some rankings have them as high as a 6 seed.

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Win the rest of your road games exept for one or two-get to the tourney finals-win all your home games-maybe 7 or 8 seed

Well the Waves game just murdered BYU’s chances of a good seed.