BYU is winning with defense

When I woke up the day after BYU dismantled Utah at the Huntsman, I looked up the stats and saw two things:
BYU had 45 rebounds to Utah’s 28.

Barcello held Utah’s top scorer to 0 points in the 1st half of the Utah game.

Here is a JUNK piece on BYU and defense from the SL Tribune, I call it junk because the Trib. never has anything good to say about BYU, being a homer for anything Utah.
Alex Barcello showing improved defense for No. 12 BYU men’s basketball (

Barcello was our best defender over the past 2 years, as you all know, I had written my displeasure that Pope, out of necessity, had to convert Barcello into the point when Blaze Kneld (who now leads UVU as their floor general) did not pan out at the point and Pope had to go out and find AB to run the point.
Case in point, Barcello was our best outside shooter, and defender, was asked to play point…too much to ask, in my opinion and it would take him away from his natural position. He did not like to drive and dish, he was a natural at hanging out in the corner knocking down 3s.

With the evolution of Lohner, George and a lock down Lucas, Barcello now has the help to guard anyone. As Tom L. points out, BYU has not gone to the ol Zone defense once this season. BYU is no longer a bunch of slow white guys, turning point in the program and if you look at stats:

BYU is ranked #10 in the country on defense.