BYU lays an ostrich egg

Penalties, bad play calling, poor blocking, turnovers and weak effort. So, I’m predicting 9-3 this year if no more bad games.

So, was the defense or offense to blame? Blaine Fowler said it best. This was on the offense for bad call and turnovers. 10 penalties and 3 fumbles leading to 2 touchdowns. If BYU runs the ball from the 3 yardline instead of 3 passes, I think we could have held on to win. Also, Algiers was running too much East and West instead of North and South. No plays for Hall to run. Maybe Conover should have played.

I can’t blame the defense that much. They held Boise to just over 300 yards offense and that is pretty good in this day and age. The offense fumbling 3 times and squandering scoring opportunities with bad play calls, penalties, etc seems to be the main culprit. You have a first and goal on the 3 yard line against a team that hasn’t been able to stop the run this year, you have a beast of a running back, and a supposedly big physical line I would think you try to impose your will on them at least on first down and then try something else if that doesn’t work. Oh well it’s college football and you can’t let 18-21 year old kids ruin your day because they have a bad day. There is always next week.

Every team struggles with injuries but with Romney out and Hall maybe rusty from not playing in 3 weeks and still hurting maybe a run heavy strategy was in order.

They better get their act together because I watched some of Baylor against West Virginia and they looked very impressive.

Agree with all your points. Finally someone who understands what happened. I’m wondering if we would have been better off with Conover who could have run some. It gave Boise help to not have a QB willing to run. Anyone know if Romney is able to play at Baylor?