BYU looking like the same team we see every year

I watched a little of the replay of tonight’s game and I didn’t really see anything that got me excited about the upcoming season.

Rose will showcase Yoeli to give him an opportunity to get a shot at the NBA and there will be some fill in players as he waits to see who will be the next hero ball superstar and they will rinse and repeat next season.

BYU will finish second or third, get an NIT invite (because they will lose a few games they have no business losing) and then do it all over again next year.

It doesn’t work when half the team lives within 100 miles and 80% within 200 miles of Provo… sorry, but the recruiting strategy isn’t making the team better. If you exclude Luke from Wisconsin, who has no business being a starter again, it gets even worse.

This team is going to be vanilla from beginning to end of the season…

No one has to set Yoeli up for anything. He’s the best player on the team but tonight played as a team player and played excellent defense. The NBA already knows about him. No reason to rag on him.

I liked the team defensive play. They played well together. Even when the subs came in.

I was impressed with Baxter. It will take a few games to get comfortable. He should start in front of Worthington. I would start Lee in front of Worthington. It will be interesting to see Lee develop.

Haws play was excellent! Complete team player. Drove when he was open and played decent defense too. Gardner played well on both ends. Sejlass was a question mark again. Nixon or #44 may be better.

Emery will definately help this team. You can say what you want but we need some scorers and defenders at the guard line.

you know Jim… I think you need to get a reality check… Seriously dude… knock of the dissing of Utah and Idaho players… Not all great players come from the garbage state of California.

I guess the fact that every P5 school including Alabama, USC, Stanford, Okalahoma, etc… all heavily recruits in Utah, so are you saying they don’t know what they are doing? The problem with BYU is the fact that NON sports administration is jacking up the academics standards to the level of Stanford, which disqualifies a lot of those California boys you are so hyped on…

Now before anyone says anything… if you had a choice to get a Stanford degree vs a BYU degree, which one would you honestly take? Several good players play on Stanford… for that very reason.

Depends on the degree and the subject where I’d rather go. Right now, BYU’s law department is a top notch school and employers look at BYU grads.

Jim H: Good post, vanilla basketball team, nothing new. Show me Cougars, or stay Vanilla. No excitement again.

It’s like the move"Ground Hog Day"i wake up to the same story every year. Same cast-same bloggers-same results-ugh!

Eventually Phil learned a great lesson. Hopefully you will too.

Except for your preoccupation with the inadequacy of the recruiting, (I generally agree, but give it a rest), your post is sadly too accurate.

Though it is also surprising how many of the punditry think Rose will be back dancing at the end of the year.
Until he figures out to beat all the bottom half of the schedule NIT is where he will end up.

If he figures out to beat the bottom half then his coaching skills will be enough to beat the top half as usual and get the one and done in the dance…but of course you can’t coach talent and if he ever catches lighting in a bottle again and the players can stay on the right side of the honor code he might get back to the Final Four conversation.

Everyone agrees with me except for grasshopper and his blue goggled delusion along with Floyd and his defend Utah at all costs delusions.

I’m not sure why it is so hard for some to accept or recognize when it is so painfully obvious. I really wished that the World was BYU’s campus but unfortunately it is not. Rose seems compelled to get as many (state of Utah/Idaho) players who have dreamed about playing for BYU as possible and lazily forgets the rest of the nation and “world” as a potential recruiting area for the basketball team. I know it drives Harold nuts but until it changes, I feel compelled to talk about it… albeit ad nauseum.

It seems as though NO lessons were learned as a result of the LP3 debacle. I just wonder which players will move on or quit this season…

You do realize they were playing Westminster Abbey right? I didn’t even know that was a school/team in Utah until this game. Can someone tell me why they played this game?

Also, who makes up the wcc schedule? BYU plays SMU twice before they play half the other schools for the first time and there are other bizarre scheduling dates for other wcc teams as well. The schedule can be made up so every team plays each other once before they play a team for the second time… easily.

What about your obsession with disparaging Utah players?

Not everyone agrees with you Jim, they simply stop trying to convince you that your negative attitude towards Utah players is getting a bit old and tiresome… Makes you look like a bitter old man… Sorry, but you called me delusional, so I am returning the favor.

I have to agree with you on this one… last year the same thing happened.

Are they protecting Gonzaga or do they have an idiot scheduling the games…

I like the way the MWC did it, where they played each team first, then reverse the schedule on the second half. The only draw back was that the last team you played, you turned around and played them the following week.

  1. These types of games don’t count for season games…
  2. I believe someone on our staff is friends with Westminster’s coaches. The think with Westminster, they have THREE scholarships to give kids, so every player has to pay for schooling, while the school allots them a portion of the allowed scholarships. games like this are Money games for them and helps defer some of the Athletic costs.

Westminster players may not be the best players, but they truly love the game, because for the most part, they pay to play the game.

Same old Vanilla team with over the hill coaching. No excitement. Have to show me Cougars.

Yeah, they are the same teams because we have the same coach who plays veterans and is slow to develop young talent.
I do see some things in the pipeline that give me hope and they are:

1-Worthington is soooooo bad that Rose will need to see what he has in Lee and from what I saw, Lee can shot better then Worthlesston with a blindfold on.
2- Baxter is personal workout buddies with Childs…Childs runs the team…Coach does what Childs wants. Baxter gets time and becomes a BYU staple.
3- Seljass looks a lot better then he did last year. We have to have Seljass hit threes and give us 12 points or so a game. Harding sure would be a great complement to Seljaas.
4- Hardnett is our PG, lets just get that out of the way.

Who gets us our points each night?

Hardnett 12

Total is about 80 points a game. when we get Emery back, he’ll give us another 14 per game and take away points from guys like Hardnett.and Cannon.

Very good observation Fish. The Cougars have to show me as the season progresses.

Not to throw Coach Rose under the bus any more then I already do and this will drive Jim crazy but PG had a 6’11 kid, very athletic who wanted to come to BYU. BYU showed little interest in him, pissed him off so when BYU came a courting in the 11 hour, he signed with Oregon.

Thanks Chris…

You can come visit me in the looney bin whenever you like.