BYU / Miss St. 1014/2016

Interesting game so far. Special Teams cost the Cougs a score.

Hopefully they will wake up. Same with the defense.

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Targeting? targeting? Not being called against BYU? I’ve seen BYU lose a player for weaker targeting calls than that one.

Wow, D is giving up big yards on those seam passes. 4th and 11, no problem for Miss St.

And, twice the same guy has kneed the helmets of our players.

Just plain bad. They don’t need to run. Be Toledo and just pass.

MSt. winning the line of scrimmage on both sides. Our pass D is porous. Our pass O has not gotten to the game yet.

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Well, BYU-O hasn’t looked too good, and Taysom has returned to poor accuracy. Only 126 yards in the first half. BYU-D hasn’t been too bad, but has given up some big yards at times. The first TD, they completely left the receiver by the sideline wide open. Although, that was setup by a key special teams penalty that gave Miss St a first down on there punt.

They were behind last week, so hopefully they’ll come out stronger in the next half,

Run O has been given short shrift but that is also due to the poor pass game.

Some key mistakes on special teams and lining up offsides has really hurt.

QB and receivers not on same page. Don’t know whose fault that is. Both receiver and QB should be able to read the defense and do the right thing. Not happening.
Special teams have made key mistakes and those two times #21 on D lining up offsides kept their drives going.

You can’t spike the ball after a TD?

No, it’s stupid. College is ridiculous.

Are they trying to be like the NFL? :wink:

Well, that was a bit closer than expected. A win is a win.

Detmer called a brilliant play to end the game

And Hill made a nice pass too :wink:

It was. He got it setup well too with MissSt thinking Taysom was doing another roll out. They all bit on it, and Taysom threw a nice short pass for the TD. Makes up for that one the defense gave up in the first quarter. :slight_smile: