BYU moves up 7 spots

BYU is now ranked #15 in the AP and Coach’s polls.

I was thinking that they would move up but I didn’t think it would be 7 spots. Anyone who has watched them play would have to admit that they are very good. Wilson is playing like a seasoned veteran. His field awareness is excellent. He sees everything and reacts appropriately, He never panics or makes poor decisions. I have been impressed with the way he is running the offense and the coaches are allowing him to play to his strengths. The defense is not as polished as the offense but they are playing very well too.

I was a little disappointed to see Navy get throttled by Air Force. That doesn’t help BYU’s cause.

I would have liked to see BYU play the schedule they originally had but we have to take what we can get.

I am not the band wagon yet with this team. Yes, Wilson looks much better than last year. The receivers are way better than a year ago. The OL is stronger also. But we need to play some better teams to get a feel for the defense. I don’t think they are as
good as they appear to be. I highly doubt they can get a pass rush with 3 rushers against an average team. Houston is a big game for BYU! Boise and San Diego St will be tough. Plus the habit of BYU FB has been to start being over confident almost immediately after they think they are good!

There’s no question that this BYU team is not only good but much deeper than in the past.
Wilson not only has an 84% completion with a high yardage per completion, he’s putting where only his receivers can get to it. And yes, the receivers are better this year all around. So far.
Of course we need to play better teams and Houston will tell us more. But, so far we look very good compared with the past. Both Offense and Defense are doing well. Although LA got too many yards in my opinion.

This is probably old news but Wilson has been travelling to So. Cal to work out weekly with John Beck. KSL ran a piece on how Wilson would jump in his car and drive the 12 hours from Alpine Ut to Cal every Friday, then drive back on Sat…this went no all summer. I used to be a Romney-starter, Wilson #2 kind of guy…not now. Wilson is making NFL throws all over the field and looks to me to be a very high draft pick. I say all of this with a disclaimer: I will believe that Wilson is NFL material when I see him in a tight game with a P5 or ranked team, like a BSU and he does not wilt or make bonehead decisions.

There’s one other thing to keep in mind. That BYU continues to have a low amount of injuries as well. You have to remember that in the NFL you are playing with the best lineman and receivers. The NFL are looking for those who can make the passes. The decision making they can teach one with the talent and great attitude.