BYU needs some basketball overhauling

Harmon writes up a summation of fans observations.■■■■-Harmon-BYU-basketball-faces-plenty-of-challenges-in-weeks-to-come.html
Wow. Beo, Aytes and Guinn will all be moving on to open up schoolies for most likely transfers.
Terry was let go, major shakeup, could be Heath Schroyer, a tough love coach, who demands defense could be coming, would mark a big change.
BYU needs to cast a bigger net in recruiting, Jim, you were right all along. Europe is rich with talent as well as So America and BYU’s private club of LDS talent, BYU should be killing it in international recruiting and all we get is Crickets…

I posted almost the same exact same thing on a different thread. I’d say that Rose is being given one year to “right the ship.” I’m sure Holmoe is already putting out feelers on potential replacements. If Rose has a great year, maybe he’ll decide to retire and go out on top rather than being forced out.

Rose landed Rylan Bergersen from Idaho. He’s a 6’6" guard with good shooting range and seems fairly skilled. He had an offer from Hawaii and wasn’t rated by any of the rating organizations. His dad played professionally so maybe he has good genes. I don’t know that it helped the Ainge kids that much. Those genes don’t always make a huge difference. We have to trust Rose’s judgement on Bergersen but I’m hoping he’s an upgrade from Colby Leifson. I hear that Steven Beo may not be coming back. I don’t know if that is his choice or whether Rose advised him to go the JC route.

Any word about PoPoola which we have not heard if he is playing Div I anywhere?

Not sure if Beo is moving on which doesn’t say any detail yet.

I like to see some recruiting over sea.

I know this is about BBall but Men’s Volleyball - BYU lost to Hawaii in 3 straight in MPSF. What happened?

Typical BYU not mentally prepared.

Popoola is being courted heavily by Boise State. He seems to be leaning towards BSU.

Honestly, I am a little surprised that more posters here are not open to the possibility that a lot of what I write is true and accurate. I scratch my head and wonder if it is because they don’t want to believe it or they just don’t see it like I do.

It reached a point of more than mild frustration a few weeks ago and I needed a break. Today is the first day that I have looked at cougarfan in what would be considered “a long time” for me.

I guess my “tell it like it is” perspective isn’t appreciated by most of the posters here because it typically comes across as being negative, but I do include the positive aspects of what I observe. It isn’t all negative. There are good things happening as well. I hope BYU can right the ship and at least be competitive CONSISTENTLY. That is all I want. I don’t expect final four runs or whatever, just be competitive and play hard.