Ok, Game ball goes to Sitake for calling a Kafensis with 300 lbers pushing from behind for the 1st down to end the game. That right there has me saying, this is our coach. Ballsy.

2- FIRE Iliaki now. His 3-8 defense is treasonous. How many times did the QB run for 1st downs because we had everyone back? Could BYU be just a little bit less predictable and stagger a DB or LBer blitz. When we are sitting on a 28-10 lead going into the 4th and I see the ol 3-8 show back up, I went into the bathroom and stuck a finger down my throat. We should of never lost to a running Toledo team or a bad USF team and this game should of been a cake walk with all the Kaufusi interceptions but we have Iliaki……fire him now.

3 No Wilson, No Hall, just Cool Hand Luke, yep….that’s Baylor Romney’s new name. 1st start and he was ice. Played some man ball out there with few mistakes. Love this kid. The real deal.

4- Loved Grimes play calling in the 3rd. Yeah, Bushman looked like a man out there with those smallish BSU DBs but Grime gets all the credit for stealing from BSU the triple hand off throw to Bushman for his 1st TD and the Fake run and Tebowish toss to Bushman for his 2nd.

5- Kaufusi’s are the best. love those dudes.

minus Iliaki’s crappy defenses (so weird because he called a very good firs half) BYU played a very good game. and gave us all a good reason to keep watching this team going forward.

Wow, what a win. Ys, B. Romney played like an iceman. Play calling, especially in the third quarter was the best BYU has done since the Tennessee and USC games.

Gutsy to go for it on 4th down-but they didn’t have much to lose and now puts the bowl game back in the picture. I hope their confidence will carry them forward and at least make a game of it against USU. good win!

Several other points that need to be made.

BSU dropped many passes, passes that landed in their hands, several were third down drops. Had BSU played their normal game, BSU would have won this game easily.

I want to know why Katoa is not used more in 3rd and short situations? He seems to get 4 yards anytime we need them.

I am very leery of any Mtn West reffed games when a Mtn West team is playing…especially when it’s BSU and it’s NYears day hopes on the line and all that $$$.
That hold that was called on Christensen and the subsequent TD nulled, was no hold, Just more screwing of BYU without a league affiliation.

Romney may have made his way up the depth chart. The dude starts his first game against a top 25 defense. I saw a lot of detmer like touch on his throws. No turnovers and probably the best a QB has played for BYU since the bowl game. He really pulled off the impossible. Wilson may be good but this kid is playing like he has started 20 games.

Having said that, USU will break down his tape and be ready with some really good defenses should he start, but Romney in my mind should be used and never have to consider transferring to get playing time.

Lastly, Iliaki is baffling. I want to know who called the daring blitzes in the 3rd that caused those BSU 3 and outs and then who thought the 3-8 defense would work in the 4th when Cord had been intercepted twice when BYU applied pressure in the 3rd. It’s maddening. When BYU is aggressive, they are formidable. I just don’t get it.

It was Sitake was play calling.

There is an article in dealnews that said Kalani installed the new defense. Having one one week of learning, I think they did okay. The also had some new guys learning their positions.

Grimes moved to the field to call the plays. He also took over coaching the o-line. Because most of them were 3rd stringers.

Several points-having seen every game of both teams all season

  1. Cord did not play well for much of this game. Bachmeier’s injury hurt them, even though Cord has filled in and done a good job previously
  2. BSU obviously tried to force the run and until the 4th quarter were a little too predictable
  3. BYU wins the play calling hands down in this game. Harsin was out coached-much of this game
  4. Turnovers determined the outcome of this game. Credit Romney for being the more poised of the backups, though Cord had way more experience
  5. 4th quarter BYU played not to lose. If not for Sitake’s decision not to go on fourth down-very possible BYU blows this game
  6. BYU is back to the bowl game in Hawaii-BUT-it would be nice if they would continue to build on this victory by beating either SSU or USU, because beating ISU, Liberty, and UMASS is not much of a feather in their cap

Grimes needs to stay on the field from now on. I had a feeling that he would take over the O-Line. Sitake should do the same on D side too.

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YES!!! The attitude of “we are here to kick your behinds, every second of this game.” Not reckless, just we are going to beat you with everything we have, not we will play hoping not to be beaten.

Good points Sr_Burton.

They had two QB’s alternating… neither played well.

But I have to ask this question: “Why?” do we always go to the “other team did not play well” card?

It reminds me of the media experts when BYU upsets a “named” team, their first response is “well the XXX team is in a down year, that is why BYU beat them” card.

I liked what Jerry Sloan use to say “Injuries are part of the game, if you player goes down the next guy has to step up and play” He never used injuries or anything as an excuse. I think Kalani has this same mentality.

Some of that was on our defense pressuring the QB to throw early. Which by the way was a nice thing to see for once.

I have stated multiple times just how bad I think the officials are. That PI on Herron, was BS in my opinion, his head was turned, he was going for the ball, and that is legal contact.

Then you have the BSU player pushing Bushman out of bounds with his hands and Bushman comes back in the player makes contact again and guess what? No call.

I don’t think USU is as good as they were last year, their offense is not as good, their defense seems solid, but I think we have a good chance to win this game.

I think Kalani needs to keep the pressure on the coaches (like this last game) for the rest of the season. I also think Kalani needs to demote the DC and take over completely.

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correctamundo. Football is a fickle game. Mojo can swing quickly and it is palpable. The sit back and don’t get beat deep almost cost us the game. I don’t blame the offensive play calling one bit in the 4th but that D almost cost us the game.

We have lost to them 3 out of 4 years. I would treat them like the BSU game with everything on the line. a 3-8 D will get BYU beat.

BYU needs one more guy like Lake and Au You. Fast pressure guy.
Still can’t believe BYU rocked BSU with all our injuries and a total rook at QB.
I fully expect BYU to win out even if odds makers have USU at a 65% win.

And additional 8 more Kafusi guys playing defense

Yeh I agree -everything connected to football is part of the game. People like to make excuses for losing, whether it be the officiating, turnovers, penalties, missed fgs-hey it’s all a part of the game and your team’s makeup. I said that about Cord for the simple reason he made 2 really bad decisions that both resulted in picks-something he hadn’t done all year, but he never started a game either. Even though he made the bad decisions-it’s to BYU’s credit that they made him pay for those bad decisions and kudos to them. Finally to those that want to complain about the officials-Alabama leads the SEC in penalties and penalty yardage-you just have to persevere and overcome your mistakes.

They will have to play better than they did against BSU and not go into 4th quarter relapse and it’s a road game. I fully expect USU to give BSU all they can handle