BYU plays LMU in Vegas

The story here is Quintana. He could not miss. He went off for 31 and had 6 threes in the 1st half. In the second his hot shooting continued but their best player, Scott had only 4 points in the 1st. LMU got Bailey of Pacific in foul trouble and that was all she wrote.
Scott then took over inside and had 20. Then Marble 11 decided to have a career night as well, and you get the picture. LMU shot over 50% from 3 making 11 threes. Had only 8 TOs to Pacific’s 17.

Crazy stat…LMU had a total of 25 boards for the entire game.
Shot 52% inside and 54% for the game. Pacific stayed with LMU in the 1st, even had the lead at the half but Quintana/Scott/Marble just killed them.

BYU much better defenders and we out rebound LMU by an average of 10 boards.

1st one to 70 wins.

BYU Basketball: Seneca Knight Injury Update Before Postseason Starts (

I know it was Pacific but LMU shot lights out and the two guards were unstoppable and hot. We need to be ready and play massive defense. Anyone know if knight is healthy and playing tomorrow?

Did you know that Scott played high school ball with the “Ball” brothers and Onyeka Okongwu at Chino Hills in SoCal? what kind of team would that be with 3 NBA players and the older brother of 2 of them along with Scott as a starting five?

I know one thing, they never would have beaten the big 3 of Lone Peak fame… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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That’s correct. Glad you are back in reality :slight_smile:

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Read my Villanova post again, it’s your last chance.

It is totally clear what took place. Are you purposefully clueless or do you really not understand?

Mind boggling…