BYU plays play in game

Here we go! Should be a great tournament!

Thank you UCONN, we needed that loss today!!!

UCLA in makes the tournament a joke.

So we play Miss on Tuesday and possible Xavier on Thursday. Hope we win the 1st one rather than one and done. I had mixed feeling about ncaa but nit might of been better. But thinking about Kyle Collinswort, he may have been wanting to play the ncaa and lastly T. Haws may felt relieved for his last time playing in the ncaa. Good for them and like to know if Skyler Halford will be playing and Winder too. Okay guys, get ready.

I would rather lose a ncaa playin game than win the NIT

Nope, just proves strength of schedule matters more than beating up scrubs.

At the end of games you either win or lose. Texas had a losing season in their league. No business being selected. UCLA did beat anyone good in their league. If they get in, they should only be in a play-in game.

One thing for sure, our young guys will have experience which is our top priority. Anyone know what time the game start on what network?

Agree. Although, there are teams in the NIT that should be in the NCAA

Why was Duke given a #1 seed at home over Arizona getting a #1 seed?

UCLA getting in had nothing to do with SOS, Arizona was only a #2 with 3 losses and Duke was a #1 with 4 losses.

If anyone wants to know what is really going on, just need to follow the money.

How about Boise having to do a play in game vs. Dayton in Dayton?

There is so much bias and it happens every year to prove it.

Also, the wcc got exactly what they hoped for. By helping BYU beat Gonzaga in the last resular season game it allowed the league to get 2 teams in and then after Gonzaga got help in the tournament final it allowed them to hold that #2 seed.

Stock up on tinfoil, it’s going to be a long week.

stock up on booze… same reason.

just relax and enjoy the show.

You don’t think $$$$ has anything to do with it?

Duke #1 which they lost to ND #2? Something wrong here
So if we had won against Zags in wcc and they would be still be #2 - maybe. Anyway who cares. ncaa selection are geeks and money grubbers

BYU played better and beat Gonzaga in their building. End of the WCC conspiracy theory nonsense.

There were definately head scratchers. Texas and UCLA don’t belong. What would help is a restriction on the number of teams from any one conference if they keep leaving teams out that should be. Then, you won’t have a Texas in there.

6:00 pm. Don’t know what station. Probably ESPN.

Wrubel tweets BYU drew the 9:10 EDT game. Televised on TruTV

The only $$ I’m concerned about is the amount I plan on winning this year in March madness!!! And never drink when you gamble, need a clear head bro.

Haven’t drank or gambled for 40 years. I follow the prophet as a tool to have The Lord help in all things.

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Thanks for letting us know.

I personally love this time of year because of the brackets!!!

Gotta love your pessimistic view of sports Jim…

From what I have learned over the years there is a certain criteria that this alleged unbiased board decides (which Tom Holmoe is a part of ). In no particular order:

  1. what is their current record
  2. who have they played (SOS)
  3. what is their history in the Tournament (how did they do)
  4. What is the biggest draw (Jim’s $$$$$)
  5. what conference do they come from (if you play in a high level conference say like ACC (where duke is) and the teams are all good, then even though your record is not better, the competition was).

And of course there is always the East coast bias that plays into it…

I think Scott is right, Texas was horrible this year and never should have been in, neither was UCLA… Outside of Utah and Arizona the PAC12 basically sucks (According to ESPN sport writers), sorry KC… that is the truth…