BYU ranked #15 in the CFP

The College Football Rankings, the one that counts, is ranked at #15. Exactly where I predicted and believe we belong when you see all the other teams and who they have lost to. Now, don’t look beyond anyone including Idaho St. play the starters and blow them out.

More narcissism FYI.

So if the team would just do things the way you think they should… and how many blowouts has BYU been on the winning end of? At 7-2 you would think a few… nope.

Yes, more narcissism on your part. Not allowing me to have an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours is the same thing.

The games has been anything but pretty this season, that is for sure.
How can a lousy team like Arizona score 16 on our vaunted defense?

It was not until late in the fourth quarter that the outcome of the game was determined.
That should never have happened, oh yea, the Drop 8 defense works well for BYU, I forgot what a mastermind Tui is… My apologies.

I am pleased with a 7-2 record but think the 15 CFP ranking is pretty generous. There are 4 good SEC teams ranked 14 and 16-18. Baylor is 12. The Baylor game proved we are NOWHERE CLOSE to being able to compete with that level of talent and athleticism. A&M is 14 and its only two losses were to good SEC teams; A&M hung FORTY-ONE on ALABAMA!! What would they put on us? 50? 60? It would be a joke. Ole Miss is 16. Ole Miss’s only two losses were also to good SEC teams, and their dual threat QB would demolish us. So I’m thrilled that BYU is getting enough national recognition to be ranked 15, because it will significantly help our recruiting. But I’m also VERY glad we are not going to play any of the teams ranked around us, because I think it would just be Baylor 2.0.

So I am very, very pleased that we beat 5 P5 teams, but our schedule has proven to be way weaker than anticipated. No wins vs CFP ranked teams, and Utah is the only team we have beaten this year that got any votes at all in this week’s AP poll (and they barely have any). I think the good SEC teams would just demolish us like Baylor did. But I think we would be very competitive with any of the teams ranked 19-25 in the CFP poll.

With the losses by others in the 10-25, 15th ranking is what I felt was perfect.

I am looking forward to seeing who we will be able to recruit with the Big12 membership. I think that area of BYU will vastly improve over the independent era.

I know with Utah, it took a few years to become more competitive in the PAC-12.

And yet, we are currently very competitive in the PAC12. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:🥲

Floyd: “I know with Utah, it took a few years to become more competitive in the PAC-12.”
Tom: You raise an excellent point.

If our expectation in football is to threaten threaten for the league title–say top 4 year in and year out–I think the transition will be difficult. If we had played in the B12 this year I think we finish squarely somewhere in the middle of the pack. We would have been easily manhandled by the top three teams and lost another conference game somewhere along the way. Call it 5-4 in conference. So we are not in real bad shape entering the conference. However, the difference between a “good” football team (BYU now) and a “great” football team (Ok, Ok State, Baylor now) is probably about 20 players on the two deep that are considerably better than the 20 we have now. It will almost certainly take a few years of improved recruiting to remedy that. If BYU really was playing 6 walk-ons at one time on defense vs UVA it’s because BYU royally screwed up somewhere along the way to not have scholarship players on the roster who are better than a bunch of walk-ons. Mad props to the walk-ons for earning their playing time–no knock at all on them. BYU can parrot all day the mantra “the star system in recruiting doesn’t matter,” but the teams with the most highly rated recruits would beat BYU in football all day and all night. We simply need to have better players to consistently beat better teams, and there are no more excuses now that we are a P5 football program.

The PAC-12 this year is still pretty weak overall.

Are they though? If they are beating each other up, I would say maybe there is just a lot of parity in the PAC12. And, we are just better than you think. It’s really about perspective where your starting point is with what makes a strong league.

Yes, parity amongst mediocre teams. The only notable win by a Pac 12 team was Oregon beating Ohio State this season. Oregon has more close wins and nail biters vs. so so teams so there you go. UCLA beat LSU but LSU has lost 3 of their last 4. We will see how they fare vs. Alabma. The Pac 12 isn’t that great. I have watched several of their games and they are not impressive at all.

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So, if BYU beats PAC12 teams, they are mediocre. What do you base saying their games are mediocre? I say their defenses match up with the offenses. So they look mediocre but really excellent teams who are equal.

What does Utah State, Nevada, Fresno State and Montana all have in common?
Each of these teams has Beaten a PAC-12 team
(MWC) Utah State Beat Washington State
(Big Sky) Montana Beat Washington
(MWC) Nevada beat Cal
(MWC) Fresno State beat UCLA and barely lost to Oregon 31-24.
(MWC) SDSU beat Utah

Either the MWC has become the Juggernaut of Football or the PAC-12 is really down this year.

To me and many others, that is a sign that the PAC-12 is down this year.

As several of us have posted, perfectly hahahaha, the ACC is way down this year without a dominate Clemson and the P12 is down without a strong USC and a one loss Oregon. Utah gets to play Oregon at home and is favored to win. Then most likely they play again for the P12 championship. Unless Oregon can win out, this will be the worst P12 year in forevvvvvver.

There is some buzz out there that BYU could play in a NY6 game. Relax, never going to happen. WE stunk it up against BSU and don’t deserve it.

That would be nice treat if we could. I have that whole week off… :open_mouth:

Yea, I find it interesting that some how BYU always has one game that they should win and lose too. Not sure if it coaching, or players starting to read their own press clippings and thinking they are better than they are.

Ah the agony of it all! LOL

Only one person believes the PAC 12 is a really good football league this year and we all know who that is. Funny but if we all said “the PAC 12 is great in football this season” then I know one person who would argue that it isn’t a good league!!

Others above us and below have had bad losses as well. And, they don’t all have the schedule we have.

It was RAIN, don’t u know nuthin???

That’s when the fumbles occurred. Other than that in 35 other quarters we have hung onto the ball. Looks more and more a wet ball issue.