BYU Receivers: Are they going to show improvement over last season?

According to Jared Lloyd, Daily Herald: Collie might be the best Cougar route-runner in camp this year, but explained that it took some experience to understand the basics

“Route-running is patience and understanding what the defense is doing,” BYU senior wide receiver Dylan Collie said Monday after practice…“Maturity is the biggest part, and that patience is critical,” Collie said. “The ability to get to the point where you understand exactly what you are doing, that’s where the patience comes in instead of running your route as fast as possible.”

I like Dylan Collie's thought process and understanding of his position and the role he plays in how successful the offense will be this season. That kind of thinking gives me hope.

What do you think of Jared Lloyd’s assessment of Collie and the likelihood of BYU’s receivers overall success this year

Collie has not been mentioned much in the overall, not even in the top 4. smallish. But I am still big on him. Fearless.

Brings me to the beef. We have some really good receivers out there. If we can get a ball to them, meaning the line has to block, the QB has to be able to deliver.