BYU signing day coming up

Boy, the thing that jumps out to me is all of the defensive ends that BYU is targeting.
Daley, Fano and Danumi just pop off the line.

Glasker and J Danumi, Hall all could be great wideouts and slot guys.

Great linemen in there
Migao brothers and Rollins
BYU football: Get up to speed on the Cougars’ 2021 commits and signees - Deseret News

Lovin what I am seeing. Let me know if there is a recruit that we are not talking about here. Let’s get those stories goin. BYU football and basketball are back, baby

Didn’t they already signed during the “early” signing period? So we got them already, right?

Fano is the real deal and a 4 star recruit… that was a big bonus for BYU.

Pass rush pass rush pass rush!! Then great cover corner DB’s! That is the path forward.

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Yes we got them.

I think it is going to be interesting to see what the team does this year. I am hoping Kalani finds a new D-line coach (I know, ask Steve Kaufusi to come back :open_mouth: ) and let Ituaki go do whatever he does (hopefully not mess up the defense).