Byu signs another slow white kid

As a great 3 point shot very slow cannot create his own shot. Man this really sucks

Maybe he looks slow because of his illness. Perhaps he will gain strength and quickness over the next couple of years. But, go ahead and pounce on him :-/~

I see they are doing their best to expand their recruiting footprint…

All they way up to Timpview… Wait, isn’t that in Provo? or does part of it cover Orem too?

That was a long walk for Rose and company…

Lazy recruiting will not help improve the quality of basketball at BYU. Of course the offers from UC Irvine and UC Davis show that he was heavily recruited here in California. :astonished:

I am generally a Rose apologist but I wondered about that signing. The other schools offering weren’t very impressive. Hopefully they have others they are looking at with better resumes. If not then the program is definitely going downhill. I guess he has another year of high school so maybe the offer will look better a few months down the road.

It does not feel like a international program, not even a national program anymore. Feels more like a local program.

At a time when it seems that the programs should be expanding their sphere of influence and working more to get some players from somewhere other than “Udaho” it feels like they are becoming more focused on squeezing it in and becoming more bubble-like.

Put a dot on BYU and draw a 300 mile circle around it and you have most of the team… and that is being generous.

So much for “the world is our campus” slogan that doesn’t seem to apply to the basketball team.

As long as we make the NCAA :slight_smile:

time for a change…

BYU has been underperforming, underecruiting and running off players with the most potential for too long now.

It is really unacceptable.