BYU slighted again

CFP ranked BYU #14. I said they were bigots. How does Cincinnati stay at #7? Their schedule isn’t any tougher than BYU’s schedule. Both played Houston. Boise is better than UCF. BYU should sue. The loss of revenue from a New Years Bowl is the reason. And Cincinnati is the proof.

The “committee” just sucker-punched BYU to the ground, gave them the ol middle finger and said to the Cougar team and school, “we think you are chickens___t and have zero respect for you.”

Not really that surprised-I had them ranked 11th, but still a disappointment, look for BYU to be aggressively seeking another game

Do you really think that will help and overcome the obvious bigotry?

The only thing that will help is get in a P5 conference

I doubt that would help either. Right over wrong doesn’t matter anymore.

What else is new that BYU is rank @14. But Cincinnati at number seven? I hated this CFP and the BCS.
Still doesn’t matter if we get in the P5 conference because they still will not allow any lower P5 get into the CFP.

That’s right. Better to stay independent and play 4 or 5 P5’s.

As an indepenent we could play 8 or 9 P5 games
and go undefeated and still don’t get in the CFP. Yes I am being negative but that is a fact for BYU

Better to be in a P5 conference if you are concerned with ever getting to the play-offs or getting in a major bowl. As a winner of a P-5 conference, there are certain perks that are inherent and you don’t have to be undefeated to be in the conversation

Really I don’t think that we were treated terribly. You could really just make the argument that BYU was ranked one … maybe 2 spots lower than they should have been. But we have 2 open dates to put in quality opponents. Our schedule stinks and everyone on here knows it. I warned about the hype machine of SportsNation and the blue goggle impact. We started to believe our own press clippings. Schedule a big boy program and see if we can legitimately move up.

Let me try to explain the bigotry. BYU and Cincinnati’s strength of schedules is about the same. Both beat Houston this a draw. Both beat very good teams on their fields, Boise and UCF. Boise was ranked when BYU beat them handily. Cincinnati struggles to beat UCF when they were not ranked. But, Cincinnati stayed at the AP #7 spot in the CFP Poll. BYU falls 6 spots to #14.
There’s only one explanation. Even the major sports analysts are complaining loudly.

Houston got beat by Cincy 38-10. BYU beat Cincy 43-26. Our style points were not good in that game as it looked like Sitake wasn’t calling the defense until the 4th quarter. We looked like we might get beat until 7 minutes left in the game.

If we had played 1 P5 team and beaten them by 20 we would be #8 and if we had beaten 2 P5 teams convincingly we would be #6 or #5!

P5 doesn’t always matter. Boise is as good as UCF. Those are offsetting and the way BYU demolished Houston in the second half is plenty good enough for a draw. The strength of schedules were the same. To fall 6 places while Cincinnati didn’t fall at all is what every legit and big name sportscaster is saying is just plain wrong.
They are forcing BYU to pick up a difficult game while not doing the same to Cincinnati. Pathetically bigotry.

You are missing the point. BYU should want to pick up a big game … to prove to themselves and everyone of the doubters that they are legit. Pick one up and beat them and that will be the end of the conversation because they will be in a NY6 bowl for sure.

I think the issue is the committees rational for the ranking with inconsistent statements the criteria like playing Boise State with a third string QB.

So based on that scenario, USC should be dinged because they played Utah with a second string QB (First string got injured the game) right?

The problem was and is, the schedule. The committee does not take into account that BYU could not play better teams because a) the conference disallowed OOC game and b) those that did allow it, only allowed one which most of those teams kept an original OCC game.

Good article:
BYU football: Cougars steaming after being pegged No. 14 in CFP ranking - Deseret News

Well, that’s not what BYU was thinking before the hatchet job. Because of the pandemic, all schools have lost revenue and need money including BYU. Being in #8 position meant a major bowl with millions of dollars. At #14 they get an ESPN bowl with hundreds of thousands of dollars. With that, they don’t to prove anything. Beat SDSU and take the money.

But now they do have to find a big name team highly ranked. Not just some P5 team. Even Cincinnati would work.

A team must first be able to schedule a “pick up” game in order for BYU to play them… That is the problem, no teams that are worthy of elevating BYU schedule either wants to play or has an open date.

That’s right. I know Thawk is just being contrary. But there was an obvious bias. Money is an issue too. Maybe they think BYU doesn’t need the big bowl money because of the wealth of the Church. But that’s another reason they are bigots.