BYU slighted again

Hawk, talk all you want, you will never win an argument with a Narcist.
I too am pissed because I know that BYU has not been winning with style points, that is not Sitake’s bag but I do know this, Nobody ever goes into the Blue Tundra and hangs 51 points on the Smurfs. BYU would beat Cin in a matchup, I would also bet BYU would beat OSU, Tex A&M, Indiana and everyone out there not named Alabama or Clemson.

As the noose tightens, BYU is left with no schools ahead of them that will play them. They all have conference championships to play and move forward with …Indy sucks. Might as well get over being bitter, nothing BYU can do to fix it.

You said nothing different explaining the situation with Cincinnati and the CFP. Yet, you show no gratitude and have to state what I said and then say something derogatory. :slight_smile:

There are some rumors floating around that says Tom H. has worked out a game or two with some tougher opponents (like CFU or Cincy).

Just know, I do not take stock in rumors, but it is interesting non the less.

I also believe whole heartedly that Washington at the request of the PAC12 made their bogus offer.

For those that may not know:

  1. Washington would not guarantee they would play this Saturday
  2. Washington was not going to give BYU any money for travel, etc.
    3.Washington did know that the chances of this game was nil because of what the PAC12 has done of moving teams to plays each other when opponents cancelled the games.

Really the issue wasn’t the 3rd string qb-it was BYU hanging over 50 points on a highly touted Bronco defense on the blue turf-something that hadn’t happened in over 20 years. It’s just people looking for feeble excuses. The reality is that ISU got blown out at home by Louisiana-Lafayette. Now if BYU was blown out at home by LL, we would be praying for the Great Potato Bowl in Boise. Sorry-I’m all for deserving teams being ahead of BYU, but ISU is not as good as BYU and Cincinnati is not any better, based on their body of work, but they are still unbeaten and in my eyes deserving of where they sit and for whatever reason, we are getting shafted and the ironic thing is that outside of the voters, most of the experts agree. It is a mirror image of why BYU is currently not in a P5 conference. They have the facilities, the pedigree, the population of the university-but of course they have standards they are unwilling to compromise-and ultimately that’s probably the killer

Plus they (Cincy) are on the East coast… hmmm East Coast bias playing a part?

Well u know everyone is in bed when we play😉

Happy thanksgiving everyone

I am thankful for Sitake, Pope and Holmoe. They have all lifted my spirit in this retched Covid era.

Be healthy and happy everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to all-and stay well! Just getting over Covid and I’m glad I have had BYU sports to keep me sane and like Chris-I really appreciate the job Sitake, Pope and their staff’s have done

you are not a young man, so what were your symptoms?
My daughter and Son in Law have it, one asymptomatic, one typical cold symptoms, that blew up our Thanksgiving plans for all our kids coming…We’ll just delay.

was very proud of Sitake, how he handled the interview with ESPN after the CFP committee snub, good thing it was not me, I would of called out everyone of those committee SOBs

It was like a bad flu bug, but getting over the respiratory is the hard part. Luckily I keep my lungs in pretty good shape or it could have been worse. Just happy to still be able to be active although still quarantined I’ve been doing Gilad with my wife though she is better than me🤨

Did you have a fever with it?

Yeh a constant fever with body aches, cough, sore throat, lung congestion. Kind of virus you never know how it affects people but my guess is it’s worse for plus 60. I was serving a mission with another Elder. He was a few years my senior and we were both tractor drivers splitting the church farm between us. He caught the Covid virus a few months before me and had died in two weeks. Yet for me it was more flu like and stay at home

I am glad you’re doing better and sad about your friend. I am 64 and I am at home most of the time. Anyway how did you get it the c19?
Happy Thanksgiving

Actually my beautiful wife gave it to me​:joy:, but we live in Oregon and in the worst county in Oregon for Covid-so it wasn’t really shocking as she does all the grocery shopping while I’m working. My friend that died had West Nile last year so I don’t think that helped. I am thankful that I cycled with 4 other friends for the last 8 months 3 days a week 100-150 miles a week because the virus seems to do a number on the lungs and I’ve been really short of breath the last few weeks, so if I would have had poor lung capacity to begin with it might have been different. No matter, I have had a blessed life, but I would never call plus 60 as being the Golden years​:laughing::wink::grinning::joy:

Grocery shopping? The experts say it takes 10-15 minutes of close contact with someone talking in your face. Maybe at Church? Anyways, happy Thanksgiving and that you are doing well.

Thank you-wish you and your family well! My wife likes to visit a lot, so who knows where she picked it up-church is possible. There are a lot of unknowns with Covid. I thought I had it and tested negative, but 3 weeks later tested positive. I never figured I would get it, but the best laid plans of mice and men…:innocent:

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We’ve about 14-15 in our Ward with it. No deaths yet. We’ve stayed away from
Church and gatherings. We go with the ZOOM meetings and bless Sacrament at home. Hope the vaccine will be distributed quickly. I worry about our Governor Newsome that he will delay it.

Yeh church is now zoomed and Sacrament at home. Not too fond of your governor or my governor either. Liberal drug laws are changing our state

My wife get really bad asthma when come to smoke and her immunity really bad as well. She has been teaching for 35 years at elementary
school not too far from where Floyd Edward home in Sandy Utah. She has thought about retiring before school started but she decided to work three more years. I have told her why not retire now but financially she had to work and I am on SSDI because I am almost totally blind And hearing impaired.
I used to do many outdoor activities like riding a bike and hiking but now no more except my kids take me out fishing. We are still waiting for the vaccine hopefully by January.

That’s a tough situation, your wife and you are definitely at risk for Covid extremes. I have a feeling this is going to be a really tough winter, until they can get this vaccination widely distributed. People like to down play the seriousness of Covid, but for some it’s very serious. I never thought I would get it, because, except the guys I ride with and we are at least 10 feet apart, I social distance pretty well. It sounds like your wife would be vulnerable in her employment. I wish the best for both of you and hope you can be some of the first to get the vaccine