Byu Starting lineup

Byu starting lineup


Byu is set at guard. Lacking branch help at center and forward.

Pretty good team from what I can see

Wade and Haws may be your one-two punch at the guards. Lee may surprise people this year.

Lee will probably benefit from Pope. I’m hoping Seljaas does likewise. Actually I think you will see an entirely different type of team and Toolson starting and shooting a high percentage. No more entitled athletes

Childs- pretty great lineup

Harding 1st off the bench
Wade now gets big minutes
Knell newly home from a mission ( Jarom Jordan ‏ @ jaromjordan Jun 4


Today Mark Pope said some players are putting up 850 shots a day right now. He mentioned Trevin Knell (after being asked about him) has some tendinitis because he’s shooting so much. 👀
Blaze will be fun to watch.

With the loss of a senior (Emery) that will take away our depth.

My only question is Seljaas-hopefully he thrives under Pope. Emery-he is a good player-I wish him luck in his future-but I don’t know after last year, he just struggled and it’s hard to get the mentality back

Emery is gone now

The entitlement issue is the biggest impact Pope will have on this years’ team. No more of that. You know that discussion went on with Toolson and Pope before Jake transferred. BYU lost so many kids from the roster and from the recruiting channels because of the favoritisms and lack of even rule enforcement for playing time. Rose bet the farm on the LP3 and the horses turned out to be 1/4 horses not thoroughbreds!

For those that watched Lone Peak bb when Haws, Mika and Emery were playing there … it didn’t take long to see that the offensive fire power was directly related to 3 LP players who were rugged defenders. Shumway was the best athlete of them all. He was a shut down defender. Haws didn’t defend. Emery didn’t defend although he could if he wanted to. Mika was decent on D and got super frustrated with Rose and the BYU lack of discipline on defense. Jackson got the message that he would always be behind Haws and Emery and he was much more talented than either of them.

You can pretty much gauge the talent of any Utah HS bb players by whether Duke or GU are recruiting them. Haws and Emery recruited by GU or Duke?

Wade will be the real deal. He will be consistent and have a high BB IQ. I bet he will completely replace Emery this year. Seljaas will continue his fade into obscurity.

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Wade doesn’t have D-1 experience and that is where Emery will be missed. We don’t even know if he will make a high percentage of 3 pointers. Or if he can play defense. Just like we didn’t know much about Jimmer.

Most of the rest of the statement, it’s your opinion of what took place. Not fact. Not anymore than myself or anyone else. So, we can agree to debate opinions without personal attacks.

My guess is you are probably right about Seljaas-I’ve never seen Wade, but would hope he learned how to compete from being in the Zag program. I’m pretty convinced that whoever puts outs the most effort offensively and defensively will be the ones getting the minutes this year and I look for Child’s to have his best year yet

nailed it. Lets hope Shumway has a big year. Go Cougs. I want to see Seljaas get back to his shooting ways. I know him enough to know that when he underperforms, he is his own worst critic.

I would be shocked in a big way if BYU did not make the dance. They have plenty of Vets. Some NBA talent. If ever BYU was going to win the WCC, this team would be it.

I think the future is brighter than it has been since Jimmer left. I love Popes energy. It may take him a few years to get some top recruits but I will give him 5 yrs. At least he is a hard worker and loves the challenge. Football is also on the rise. It could be an entertaining next decade and I hope it is.

But, if some of the less experienced players don’t perform well, my prediction is losing Emery makes us less deep. And, I have no idea what Twawk was saying about a “playing time rule?” What is that? Sounds more like youth ball nonsense to me.

As long as coach adheres to some “players playing time rule?” Whatever that is. Sounds like youth ball rules.

Just looking at our starting 5
Childs 20 ppg
Baxter 12 ppg
Haws 14 ppg
Toolson 12 ppg
Seljaas 9 ppg
67 ppg total on the low end out of our starters. With the bench, BYU should average 80 ppg.

I think Gonzaga lead the nation in scoring last year @ 88 ppg,

Rui Hachimura F
Brandon Clarke F
Zach Norvell Jr. G
Josh Perkins
all averaged very similar numbers and they are all gone to the NBA. Hachimura was a very high draft pick, like #3.

Everyone BYU played in the WCC that killed BYU is gone except SMC. Gonzaga lost everyone. Ferrori from SF is gone, Piniero from SD, gone. SMC does not match up well with BYU and BYU will get abused by certain players at SMC but if Pope has BYU playing D, Bennet’s team will not have the fire power to stay with BYU. Gonzaga will reload with a top 10 team again but it will be BYU’s seniors that I think will be the difference this year. I am trying to find a 2019 schedule to see who we play in our away games anyone have a link?

Baxter average 8 rebounds & 3.5 Blocks/game`

Yoeli average 10 RB and 2 Blocks/game

other three starters, I don’t know.

I agree about the seniors. Emery would have helped increasing the scoring and his defense is better than Sejlass

At this point in time, it’s a little early to tell. Nobody will miss Emery, if last year was an indication of what his game transformed to, but I wish the kid good luck in his life. I’m not really sure why Emery quit, except what the media published. Maybe you have more to add with your connections. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of new players like Wade and the kid that signed elsewhere and came back might make an impact. I know I am pretty optimistic about BYU basketball than I have been for a few years because I know Pope will play the players that give BYU the best chance to win and work the hardest

From what my people are saying, Emery did not like the idea of Pope bringing Toolson back. Toolson will be the starter and Emery was not having it. With that Drama machine gone, BYU can focus on winning. The team is very “together” now with everyone knowing their roles and wanting to be a team in every sense. Come to think of it, when was the last time BYU had all the positions settled with who the starters would be? I think way back to the Carlino years and we have always had holes to fill and major question marks. If what I am hearing about Pope and Defense, I may just up what I think BYU will do win wise. I am also toying with the idea of heading out to the Maui Classic this year.

Help me out, I cannot find a link to what our schedule is this year. please post it if you can find it.

I googled for 2019-20 schedule, nothing found yet. But, did noticed August 8th of last year for complete schedule for 2018-19 season. So maybe in two weeks we will know.

I don’t know anything about Nick Emery why he chose to move on. You may be right about Jake Toolson might take his minutes but we don’t know and we should respect his decision to move on.