BYU the giant killer!

ST. Mary’s is out. I personally think they should be in and those leagues that get 8 it 9 in should it be allowed.

It’s too bad-they had a good year but SOS hurt them, but they would have perhaps won a game or two

Well, they should have still made it. They were ranked until BYU played our best game of the year. Conferences tournaments and regular season 1st or 2nd place should get in before 9 out of one conference gets in. That’s bogus.

Yeh I agree-i think even the SEC had 8

Who says the 8th team in the SEC is better than SM or BYU? It’s just wrong.

That 8th team should of been given maybe to SMC and not BYU. Why, we lost to that 9th place Alabama team. And SMC doesn’t deserve to play ncaa because they played most of their games at home, two road games against Cal Berkley and San Jose St and three games in Fullerton, CA.

I say maybe 4 teams in each P5 Leagues should get in as long they have winning season. Pac12 got 3 which I am fine with that.

Why are you all complaining about the ncaa and what they do? I have tried to tell everyone that they are corrupt and dishonest but so many refuse to accept or agree with any of it.

Of course there is no conspiracy to be corrupt, it just randomly happens… LOL!

Every year it gets more difficult to live in this world and try to be a good, moral person.

GR: The methods they use to decide who gets in has nothing to do with some conspiracy nor corruption. They are trying to get the top 68 teams to compete for the crown. I’m just saying it’s more fair to pick two team from each league before filling up the roster. Perhaps adding one more weekend will help and allowing 128 teams to compete. There’s a lot of parity in basketball and to keep SM out this year and allow UCLA in? Come on…

SMC lost to BYU after playing a poor schedule the whole year. They only had two games that mattered OoC and they lost both of them…Their Coach could have scheduled a legit schedule he chose not to. This despite the fact that the year before last he had the exact same thing happen to him and his team.

He ignored the lesson. So his team is now playing in the NIT for the 2nd time in the last three years, despite having some of the best teams in SMC history and despite being ranked in the popularity polls all three years for at least a few weeks.

There is a reason Few complains about the WCC coaches scheduling so poorly. The biggest example is SMC…BYU is getting worse at scheduling instead of better…
Gonzaga and BYU to the MWC would be a step in the right direction for bball…they would both have better conference schedules and would have better OoC schedules.

I was surprised we didn’t have many good games last fall and I’m hoping better schedule this fall. And I have a feeling smc won’t change anything better any time soon.

GR: If it is all the coaches and AD’s problem. It isn’t. Many teams don’t want to play SM nor us from P5 conferences. Partly because of the fact we are not a P5 conference. Rose was saying today that the committee is looking more for who you play than is you win, even against P5 teams. Not too long ago, the committees were looking for teams that ended the season well. Not anymore. So, now it’s a guess who is better and good enough to make the 68 team list and now the NIT too.

If Few was really concerned about the WCC getting more teams into the NCAA tournament he would have sat his starters last Saturday and let us win. More money to the WCC, $1.7 Million to be exact. I just think that some of these conferences that get 8 or 9 teams in with putrid records should not be going. Who says Oklahoma is better than SM or BYU? Who says we could not beat them?

Stop contradicting yourself. On one hand you say they are trying to get the top 68 teams to compete for the crown. That is not possible because of the way it works. Then you say it is not fair the way they do it.

In spite of what you think or believe it is totally corrupt. What they are “trying” to do is get as many teams that have a large fan base and can bring in as much money as possible so they can sell tickets and commercial time, etc. There is no interest in getting the best teams in or getting as much representation as possible.

Stop contradicting yourself and accept the fact that the organization and the tournament have been corrupted by the love of money.

Why is keeping a business running the love of money? So, any business including the ones the Church own, including BYU, is for the love of money. How do you even go through life? You need to chill bro :sunglasses:

I see no contradiction in what I wrote. They want the best 68 teams but the way they do it doesn’t work at the expense of those who should be in like SM. Or extend the tournament to 128 teams and go solely on rankings based on strength of schedule after tournament champions and 1st or 2nd place league champions so each league is represented with at least 2 teams.

This is what makes it easier for the ncaa to justify and invite marginal teams that have big fan bases, widespread popularity and the potential to bring in lots of revenue. Are you catching on yet?

The ncaa says and the committee that gives out the invites. Big conferences mean big money and that is what it is all about. If you still aren’t getting it I feel bad for you… slow learner.

Only 3 Pac 12 got in. Aren’t they the Big Boy?

I wonder if all of those western conferences selection committees (wcc, mwc, wac, pac 12, etc) were told to leave the room so the rest of other guys could complete their brackets. 1 wcc, 2 mwc, 1 wac… 3 pac12 were all in and all others - 8 SEC etc all happy getting it done quickly.

BYU has a large fan base any committee would want. Let Gonzaga go to the MWC and that makes it easier for BYU to go to the NCAA. Are you a slow learner?

No, I understand what you are saying perfectly well. Since it is the FIRST time you have said it, does that make me a slow learner? No, I get it. BYU would make it to the ncaa tournament more often than they do now, but they would likely lose in the first round every time.

What planet are you from?

Lol!! I guess he is a BUG from Men in Black

Not next year. We go all the way to the final 4!

Watts up bug? :rofl: