BYU the new Texas?

Visiting my brother in KC this weekend. He’s a well connected doc here. He tells me that according to his Kansas and K State contacts, some of the Big 12 schools think that BYU will become “the new Texas” in the conference as far as power and influence. Hard for me to see it, but that is the talk out here, apparently.

I agree. Our influence because of the Church and our past will lift us up in football. We will see in other sports what happens…

I hope we stay understated and with the majority. Of course the amount of listening that the other members do to BYU will be a direct result of how much winning BYU does in the new conference. I think our womens soccer can be a top or top 2 finisher in the B12. Of course our mens and womens XC teams will have a good chance to win championships. The womens vb can be a top 3 and maybe sneak into a championship but they would have to win the regular season and that will be tougher to do with Baylor, Texas Tech and Kansas standing in the way. The mens and womens bb will finish middle of the pack and the football team will probably be middle of the pack at first also. So a lot of work to do to be a Texas or a Oklahoma. I don’t see it happening on that scale.

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