Byu tipoff winners

tonights winners: Emery, Zeljass, Hartsock and Elijah Bryant. Emery acts like he’s back at Lone Peak. directing traffic and knocking down big shots. hartsock has unlimited range as reported and he showed it. Zeljass is cool, calm knocking down 3s like layups. Bryant has to sit this year but he is rangy and smooth, cuts through defenses like cheese.

Davis will score at will in the WCC as will Aytes. Calvert has his moments, confident and smooth shot, Toolson still is hesitant but once the confidence is flowing, he can score in loads. Fischer and Chatman injured midway with a deep thigh bruise and rolled ankle. KC and Kaufusi sat out. Great to see Austin’s hustle out there.

Nice to hear Emery, Zeljass, and Hartsock’s names thrown out there. Thanks for info. Suppose I might get a look at them Friday on BYUTV I hope

ok curiosity got to me. Watched the tip-off game on my computer. It’s the first time I have seen most of these players so it was interesting. My take-blue team which was considered the first line players according to announcers were down 18 at half. Davis and Aytes did not look impressive. Second half Blue team controlled the paint both offensively and defensively and won 2nd half and game. Davis played hard the 2nd half and was a factor-Aytes not so much, but he’s big and takes up space. Most athletic-Bryant, who won’t play this year and I thought Chatman looked good before he sprained his ankle. Emery handled the ball well and scored significant points, but I believe his percentage was down there as he jacked a lot of shots up. Toolson looked good as the game went on. Ainge made key plays towards the end. Austin instructing and helping other players out a lot. Surprise of the game-definitely Zeljass-if this is any indication of what he is capable of he will be outstanding. Calvert will do well and Shaw even made some plays. Without KC and Kaufusi it’s hard to make a complete analysis. They will be good, but how good is hard to say. I know that Davis and Aytes have to get better if they want to compete with Gonzaga’s front line and that’s just a hard, cold, fact. Right now, it will be hard to keep Zeljass from getting playing time, I just didn’t see anything negative in his game except his inexperience. Hartsock looked good at times also-will be good next year most likely.