BYU versus USC in progress

Early on the pace of the game is fast and good shooting both teams. Same turnover problem.

Down 14 with 10 minutes remaining. Still plenty of time, but I don’t know if we have what it takes to come back from so big a deficit. As I recall USC is a bubble tournament projection. I was thinking it would be a close match up with a similar caliber team. I guess I was wrong.

First time to see them play. Whew. Not good. Sloppy/careless. No interior game. Brutal shot selection.
USC a good but not great team.
Very unimpressive. Lots of work to do. Could maybe win 2-3 games in Big 12 maybe based on today.
Sorry so negative, but that was a bad watch.

Well, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. The turnovers were much better in the 2nd half. And going small got us back in the game. Robinson finally came to life.

We played more fundamentally trying to come back from the deficit and did. Williams had a better game but has to stay off the ground.

We had a chance. Make a couple more 3’s and hit free throws better. We shot 32 three point shots. We need to understand that we have open midrange shots and need to take them.

The full court press was working. Maybe we should try doing it periodically during games.

We had Johnson defending Peterson and nobody to guard Ellis. Game over