BYU vs. Butler, 4:30 Mtn, ESPN 3

May be tough to find this game on TV but you can catch it by going on facebook-BYU Basketball-follow the link.

BYU was favored to win vs. USC…Butler is favored to win in this one. The thing I’ve noticed in this young season is: When Pope subs in young players, we tend to lose leads. One or Two works but 3 or more is disaster.

Another tendency, BYU really struggles with height. Outside of those two things, BYU is good.

Butler has one big, 6’11 Sr. Manny Bates. He was dominate in his 1st two games but has not been effective in the last three and Tenn was a bust. Foos should be OK but Atiki was a complete bust in the USC game. Adv. Butler

Jayden Taylor is Butler’s weapon. 6’4 Soph will probably get the Spenc Johnson assignment. He was the only guy to score double digits in the Tenn game and if BYU slows him down, BYU wins (ok, BYU has a chance, refer to the TO comments)

Butler is smallish in the other four starters but fast and physical, what you would expect from a Big East team. Adv. Butler

They very average at contesting 3s, Adv. BYU. Butler had 2 great 3 point games vs. 3 bad, Tossup.

BYU is a little better when scoring but then Butler is slightly better at D. Tossup

BYU is much worse in the Turnover department, although Butler was turned over 33 times in the Tenn game. Most of BYU’s TOs are self inflicted and Butler is top 10 at causing TOs, Recipe? BYU loses.

Again, I will go with whoever gets to 70 first is the Winner

I expect Fousse and Atiki will both have a better game today. If Robinson can shoot and play defense like he did yesterday, that will help. I think Pope is getting as many players as possible on the floor early on in the season. We use to complain about subs not getting play time early in the seasons under Rose.

Keys to the game: turnovers, free throw shooting and energy.