BYU vs. CMU, report card

I wish BYU would not schedule cupcakes like CMU and our next game, TXSO. Does not help the program but it allows our non starters to log some time in.

While the Eagles stayed close for the first 10 minutes, mainly on Brown’s crazy scoring, BYU easily out rebounded, 37-22, out shot 57-50%, out assisted 24-9 the over matched Eagles.

game ball : Baxter had his best game as a cougar. 13 and 5 rebs, 2 blocks. at least 5 dunks.
Lohner ties his best game with 19 and 7 rebs. 3 or 4 dunks
George has 11 and 7 rebs
Barcello has his ho hum :rofl: 16 and 3 assists. 4-7 from 3land.
Lucas has his insane 7 assists

Knell finally gets his 3s to fall with 2-5 and 10 points
Johnson is just quietly amasing stats. 10 points,
and Atiki gets his first points as a cougar with 6. fame his first basket. a dunk

There must for been 10 dunks in this game.

Was it George that twisted his ankle late in the game?

He looked fine.

Everyone plays cupcakes. BYU didn’t their first 3 games but the big boys did play cupcakes. The schedule coming up is going to be very challenging before league.

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How did he look “fine” when he needed help to get back to the training room?

This is right before the end of the game, he never came back to look “fine” either.

Was kind of weird twisted ankle where he never really stepped on the defender’s foot, but rather glance off it and then got stuck when his foot hit the floor again. Kind of weird.

What are you talking about? He was on the bench at the end of the game…walking fine…

We are going to need Foos in a big way when we play Utah and 7’1 Carlson.

I did manage to watch the USU-Ok game. The starting Point for Utah, Rylan Jones, is the starter for USU now…Bean for USU had a whooping 22 rebounds and 17 points in the win. I think he is neck and neck with Barcello for the Portag player of the year right now.

They interviewed Pope after the game and he mentioned that “Basketball in Utah (USU, Weber St., Utah and BYU)” is doing “Great”

Did you see that SSU in Ceder city was screwed out of a win against Cal because of a scoring table error.

let me guess, PAC12 officials?