BYU vs. Gonzaga for a NCAA bid

This guys scare me, they are built to be a final 4 team. Two exceptional guards. Speed every where. Williams to clean up down low and now you have Hashimoura and Tillie playing all world ball. Tillie scores 26 points in 26 minutes and Hashi hits for 17 in 20 minutes of play…that is a point a minute.

They can work Childs to death with high pics if we go man coverage. They already shut down Eli twice. I have a feeling that BYU will play inspired ball but we seriously need the Zags to sphinter up and miss some 3s to have a chance.

I liked that Rose rested Yo in the 1st half and in this game we are going to need all hands on deck.

I love how balanced the Zags are this year. Excellent depth and several multifaceted players that Few uses to perfection.

Honestly, our only shot in this game is going to be getting these guys to miss threes and making ours. I don’t think we can penetrate their defense well enough to finish at the rim often enough. This will be a game to light it up from outside…which doesn’t bode well for us. But their bigs are solid on defense and their guards stay in front of us. I say we admit that and run plays to get open from three. If we try to force into the middle we’ll probably lose.

Also, Please box out.

If Haws remembers to get assists and not bomb away.

If Nixon can disrupt and hit the boards like he did tonight

If Childs has another unworldly game, and Few won’t let him

If we defend the 3 well

we have a chance.

While we are dreaming…if Rose unleashes Dastrup? Rose beat Gonzaga more than any other coach in the WCC with better offensive play and adequate defence. Stick Dastrup in with Yo in the front and the offence improves enough to go dancing…
Pipe dreams…I love the NIT…

I will just say that I am super stoked that BYU beat down, no other way to put it, on SMC.

Enough about Dastrup, he ain’t getting in. We will win by playing Nixon every minute the starters get. The guy does all of the little things. We win by only putting Seljaas in when Gonzaga has a non-shooter in the game and never ever on Perkins!!!

We win by bumping knees with Tillie and making him take shots he doesn’t want to take. We win by taking charges on Hashi… Nixon.

We win by keeping Childs under the basket and not following Williams out into no man’s land.

Foul troubles on either Eli or Childs will determine this game.

Appropos of nothing. I was just listening to BYU Sports nation exultations.

It struck me.
WCC invites ride on tonight.
BYU wins and three teams go dancing.
BYU loses and only the Zags.

If BYU wins the SMC loss to them last night doesn’t look bad. If BYU loses SMC’s loss looks bad and hello NIT for BYU, SMC, and perhaps San Fran again…the SDU coach really blew it…I was talking to a recent SDU grad who said the low down is the coach is headed to jail the only question now is how much time…such a sad situation.

BYU, SMC, SDU in the NIT would be a nice set…

Unless BYU gets blown out tonight, the NIT invite is on the way albeit probably road games the whole way.

BYU wins and probably the first four is waiting…long term an NIT run may be better for the team.
But the experience dancing would also be a good step forward for the team…and break the streak of 2 NIT invites…which is important.

BYU clinched an NIT bid last night regardless of what happens tonight. St. Marys is in the NCAA no matter what happens tonight. They are 28-5 and were ranked 22 going into the game last night. They have a road win over the number 6 team in the nation and they don’t have any bad losses. The loss last night only hurts their seeding and that is all. If BYU wins tonight it will be 3 WCC teams in the NCAA and possibly none in the NIT. There are those other two worthless tournaments, the CBI and the CIT. I think both San Diego and San Francisco end up in one of those.

That is what I think for whatever it is worth.

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Happy to see our best game of the year–BY FAR–in a game that mattered, but doesn’t change my assessment that we are an average team in a below average league, because as fun as it was to beat a team I can’t stand (STM), STM has been overrated for, well, about 6 years now. I root for Hermanson because I think he’s a total gamer, and he’s a good player, but there is nothing else I like even a little about that program. On the other hand, I like the Zags. I like Few. They are a better team, with a better coach, program, recruiters, and far superior players, and it would be a monumental upset for BYU to beat them. Yo and Eli are the only two guys on our team who would get legit minutes for Gonzaga.

Nixon: gamer. Just wish he were 6’9".
Dastrup: sad situation. To be stuck behind Worthington again next year is more than Dastrup should be forced to endure.
Speaking of Worthington…well, never mind…
I like the TJ who has a 7/0 A/T ratio and only shoots 6 or 8 times. But TJ left Ford wide open three times in the first half cheating into the passing lanes or just getting lost, and that kind of D only works when we shoot 60% on the night.

Finally, seeing Eli go for 25 with only 3 three point attempts is perfect. He is just awesome finishing in traffic. Loved seeing it. We are a fun team when he and Yo are at their best.

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After the game, ESPN’s Sportscenter showed that St Mary’s NCAA bid chances with a win were 74%. After the loss, they are down to 3%. Yet Joe Lunardi has them in today as a #10 seed. Hmmm. We’ll see.

It would be a shock if we beat the Zags tonight. Beating St M’s was our Super Bowl and now we face a deep rested awesome Gonzaga team. Sorry guys - I see little reason for optimism. We need to shoot the lights out, have fair referees (doubtful, right Hawks?), and have the Zags shoot terrible. This feels like a workmanlike Gonzaga win 65-51.

On the bright side, last night was awesome! Loved Bryant’s tough drives with 2-3 mins left. Why teams don’t sag off of Nixon and Cannon more is beside me - neither is looking to shoot or create 90% of the time.

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I don’t care what happens tonight. We rid ourselves of JOCKNAARHERM!!! I hate losing to the Gaels and waving goodbye to those guys in their last WCC game ever…it’s a good feeling. Tonight, I want effort. Anything else is a bonus.

May Australia sink into the ocean.

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I agree. We are in the NIT because of last night and we bring in big buck. So, no reason not to have a game or 2 at the Marriott Center.
SM isn’t a lock in the NCAA. Depends on who wins and who loses their tournaments. Many of the lesser leagues are really down this year. Even BYU still has a shot.

Post Gonzaga game thoughts.

I was looking at the stat sheet, I think it is very revealing

Not one of our guys had more than 2 fouls. Now Jim would say that it is because the refs swallowed their whistles, and he would have a great argument. I will say this, I watched the body language out there and I saw a GASSED team in the second half. Completely going through the motions. Very predictable of Sophomores and Freshmen.

Childs is a natural leader, he could have said something. Eli should have…Haws a national champ could have gotten after them but no…just going through the motions.

Coach Hecker texted me before the game, “Will they have any gas in the tank?” I said, are you kidding, this is the title game for an NCAA invite. They’ll be fine". …and they weren’t. He constantly reminds me, “Better Athletes, Speed Kills”. I would add…and a coach with a plan who never lets his kids down, he coaches every single minute whether he up 20 or down in a game.

Coach Few preaches, “Keep banging on the Dam and it will give way”.

I pray that this game will be the one in which Coach Rose swallows his pride and finally schemes the future with Dastrup in it.

Will he play more in NIT? I doubt it! Man Yo can shoot from long distance and love that guy. So Nixon played 17 minutes, was he gassed?

Dave Rose said he only has 8 scholarship to this year team? How many scholarship do we allow for Men’s Basketball program which I thought something like 13 and 2 more walkons? Nick Emery we lost and another one who left to go home and we took in Kolby Lee.

Yes, but Nixon played hard the night before. Yes, he was gassed. So was Bryant. They all were. Why wasn’t Gonzaga? Because SF came in and folded early and Few rested his players. We had to keep our best on the floor every second just to get to the next round. Had we played SF and they folded, we could have rested some guys too.

I think Rose will have to play Dastrup more. I wouldn’t be surprised if Holmoe mentioned something to him about it. I know Rose has said that Dastrup wasn’t practicing well enough to put him in the games. Still, he is a scholarship player and I think if they have scholarships, they should play more minutes. Let’s hope we get a few guards to show up who can actually contribute to give Haws and Bryant rest. Hardnett was good for defense but offense sparatic. Cannon got off to a good year and then lost his game late in the season. Seljass the same. Bergersen is a freshman and looked like one. Anyone know if Emery is going to try and come back? And, don’t say you hope he doesn’t. The kid can play and we really need him this year.

I think Rose kept banging. He kept the starters in most of the game. We just didn’t have the strength and conditioning they had. We were doing well until the 18 minute mark of the first half. At that point, we lost the ability to make a shot. Half-time didn’t help. We were gassed. It was nice to see we went from 32 points down to 20 by the end of the game. We didn’t give up. Rose didn’t either. He didn’t sit for one second during the game.

At the beginning of the season facing that rancid schedule he played the starters most of the game. At the end of the year, it paid off with the worst February record of his career one of the worst overall records of his career and still only a hope of making the NIT.

He killed the confidence of most of the players. didn’t play the bench enough (yes he has the habit most years) but unlike most years he brought nobody of the bench at the end of the season to make enough of a difference…Nixon was as close as he got…Nixon and Dastrup together with a bench guard stepping up would have saved the season or at least February…
Rose didn’t give PD a chance…and the guards were all so tentative on the offence it …

third straight year of among the worst of the Dave Rose era…there was no offence to give hope…the defence stagnated…

still losing to teams no tournament team has business losing to…

Completely disagree Rose killed the confidence of “most” of the players. Who? Dastrup? Seems like he played well Tuesday night. I didn’t see any lack of confidence. I didn’t see any Monday night and the best played game of the year against #20 SM. 4 or 5 of the team were injured or ineligible. Cannon simply couldn’t shoot very good from the beginning. Haws has to learn a new system of offense and defense. His shooting was down but his driving ability, assists and defense were better than last year. Eli is phenomenal. Childs improved 200%! Who?

My understanding is that yes, Emery will be back next year. I follow him on Insta and he seems very positive on BYU, his teammates, etc. I’d love to have him. When he’s on, he’s another Matt Carlino.

Harold, in all due respect, you usually defend Coach Rose mentioning his Top 10 Winning % and things like that. Have you come around to now believe he is just an average coach?

You mean Mattie Me type of player. :smile:

Just kidding and he can play with his team. He will be fun to have for another 2 more years.