BYU vs ILL St 1st half

BYU shot 51.5% from the field in the 1st half. However, only shot 16.7% from 3 point range 2-12. BYU leads by 9, 40-31. Could be leading by 15 if we would stop shooting 3 point shots :slight_smile:

Seljaas 2-9 ugh

Childs needs to get his resume in to Europe🤔

He needs to stop shooting

Europe? NBA all the way. 40” vertical leap and scores at will. Plays solid defense. I think he should stay one more year at BYU

BYU Basketball is doing what the football team did. Choke at the end.

He better play better than he is in the 2nd half

When Emery returns, he has to take Sejlass place. Bring him off the bench. Not sure what to do with Hardnett. Misses free throw to win the game.

Nixon takes the 3? Shooting 7%

Poorly coached the last minute

Ya, what was that about???

The problem is we were up by 14 in the second half and disappeared until they pulled ahead. Same thing, we stop playing when we get ahead.
However, Hardnett makes that free throw at the end of regulation and we win. Or, we don’t shoot 28 3 point shots and make only 6. Missing 22 three pointers. We miss 11 free throws. ILL makes 17-18 free throws and 7 more 3 pointers than BYU. And, we barely lose. Coaching aside, how can you coach when shooters are so up and down as Haws was tonight? Where was Baxter in the second half? He was 4-4 in the first half.

I’m being honest here that when Emery comes back, there is no way Rose can keep him out if he produces better than Sejlass or any of the others.

Yeh I agree about Emery. He has a better upside than Seljaas. Rose should have called their last timeout down one with 50 seconds remaining. It was inexcusable for a 7% shooter to be taking that three down one. Most coaches would have set up a play to get the best chance at regaining the lead. Rose sat Haws when BYU was up 4 and they quickly went down 6. Haws was really the only one creating shots for anyone else. Childs went to sleep for a 6 minute stretch committing 3 turnovers. Foul shooting was abysmal. Illinois State was getting 2nd and 3rd shots at the end-Baxter should have been in or even Worthington would have played better than Seljaas

When Emery comes back, I’d like to see us go big. Baxter-Childs-Nixon-Haws-Emery. First off the bench: Hardnett-Harding-Lee
Then: Connor-Sejlass-Berglisen.

Lee needs to play.

Now, how do we fix the free throw shooting?
How do we get players to drive and shoot midrange shots rather than lazy 3’s.

It’s Normal how we we played year after year. It’s Normal to brick those threes, It’s Normal to sit players who were hot for few minutes. It’s Normal to missed those free throws. It’s Normal not to have strong inside players and it’s Normal to have mostly guards. So what is Normal in Normal Illinois? Anyway, I think we will be 4th or worse in the wcc. I guess that is Normal how we do since joining WCC!!! Depressing!

What was Nixon doing shooting 3 at the end of regulation or was it during OT at the end? Hardnett should have made those two free throw that would sealed the win at end of regulation. Baxter was 4-4 and not playing any more? Come on Dave Rose, THINK Dave McFly!

I missed the game. What channel was it on? Was it BYU TV? Anyhow, sounds about like I expect the season to go. This is a very typical team of the last several years.

They choke and lose games they shouldn’t lose and rarely win a game they shouldn’t win. They also lose every game we think they will probably lose.

And here is the hopper with all the answers of what can make them better… HAHA.

It is the same refrain as every year… team lacks experience, they can’t shoot 3’s, the free throw shooting is weak… on and on it goes. All of these things are fixable, especially free throws. The inconsistency is unacceptable but apparently Rose is okay with it.

Honestly, I am tired of being a BYU fan and trying to root for lifeless, boring teams that don’t know how to play team basketball and do the basics. No more excuses and stop losing games they should win. It is a culture that has been fostered ever since the coaching staff thought they could roster a championship with players from local high schools like Lone Peak…

Did the coaches learn their lesson? No, they just got lazier and the teams got worse.

Yes, we can get better by correcting the free throws. And, simply make players drive and take shorter shots and way less three pointers. And, Emery will make a difference.

I believe it was espn3 but I only listen to it on radio.

Gavin Baxter: 10 minutes playing time, 4-4 2’s, Zero 3’s attempt. 1 steal, 2 rebound, 1 blk, 2 fouls, 8 pts, and he missed 3 FT’s. He should of played more. Did Dave Rose didn’t like that he missed 3 FT’s and/or didn’t attempt any 3’s? Did he didn’t practice enough and was he doing some Cheerleading Stuff? Just like Payton Dastrup. Was Baxter playing good defense or was he not allow doing that? So what is Rose problem? Luke Worthington played 5 mintes and he is perfect 1-1 shooting but nothing else which I am fine with less or no minutes on him.
Maybe Rose need to be bench or better stay home and let Quincy Lewis take over. As some you guys have been saying he doesn’t recuit outside of Utah County and he should just coach at the MC practice facility and let Quincy coach during those games.

I have always been a Dave Rose defender but I am losing patience. I don’t think the problem is lack of talent or where he recruits. I think he gets the best players he has a shot at for the most part. The talent is as good or better than any he has had. The talent is performing below expectations in my opinion and that appears to be a coaching issue. In the pre-WCC years Rose had a few teams with talent weaker than this years team and won MTN championships with it. Many of the recruits are 3-4 star recruits and that should translate to much better results. He has lost a few players to transfers that I lament but that happens to everybody. The only two I have any heartburn over are Chatman, who would be gone now anyway, and Dastrup. Bartley could have helped as well but I can’t think of anybody else. We also got several transfers who contributed, Davis, Rose, Fisher, Carlino, and Bryant. Beo Toolson, Calvert, and Nielson, and the others were never going to play and contribute anyway and weren’t as good as the players who stayed. The loss of Dastrup really bugs me because he has big time talent and I think it was a personality thing and not related to his performance in my opinion.

I am puzzled by the issues because BYU in past years didn’t blow big 2nd half leads. They showed better shot selection and discipline. Generally when they got beat it was because they were up against better talent. I believe the last few years have been an issue with players under performing and that won’t improve with different recruits I think that is a coaching issue and not a recruiting issue.

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It was in ESPN +. It’s a pay TV channel. $4.99/mo.