BYU vs. LMU decapitations, etc

So not the best first half BYU has played this season but a couple of observations here.

  1. It is clear that Dastrup has the talent, skills and ability to get way more minutes every game than he does. It is also clear that no matter what he does he is in the coaches doghouse. If the leash were any shorter he would be strangling. Nothing more to say… the staff should be embarrassed the way they scapegoat him. Other players miss defensive assignments and screw up all the time… without consequence. If I was Dastrup I would hate playing for these coaches. The fact that he has a good attitude is amazing.

  2. 9 turnovers leading to 16 points is a killer. Haws had a ton of those but other players contributed as well. Why can’t BYU just stick to the basics of basketball? The players watch too many sports center top 10’s. It’s ridiculous to play like that… they aren’t that good.

  3. Would a player on any other team in the wcc have their head taken off and not get a call? It could only happen to BYU and it did. I swear the officiating in games when BYU is playing is the worst. These officials absolutely suck. How can a ref miss a foul like that? How can 3 of them miss it?

Hopefully the Cougars come back and win. If not… well, it is time to become an independent in basketball because not only does nobody want BYU in their conference, when they do they treat them like dirt.

The Gonzaga news article proves it. Why should they have to be discussing the mocking issues and disrespect? I know that officials dislike BYU as well, I just don’t understand the reasons for why it happens.

5 minutes to go, down by 7 and BYU gets a shot clock violation as Haws throws up a prayer that goes off the top of the backboard. This team just doesn’t get it… and it starts at the top.

If Dastrup had been the guy taking that shot in that situation, the entire coaching staff would have been livid, he would have been yanked and screamed at and the blame for a loss would have been fully his.

Sorry, but win or lose here, this team is completely dysfunctional and I am not afraid to say it.

I don’t understand the inconsistency. This can’t be explained by switching up systems; I understand those loses. But we routinely drop games to bad teams in this conference. Why? And if you blame the coaches, be specific, what specific action would change this?

When we run our stuff, this is an awesome team. If players are moving and we put the effort in on defense and everyone is where they are supposed to be, we have all the talent we need to top this conference. But we’re inconsistent.

That is the hallmark of the last 7 years for me. (obviously, during specific years we had other specific problems e.g. Collinsworth played PG even though his three looked like a dying duck.)

I know I’m griping, but it’s only because I don’t know what to fix. The schematics are good, the talent is there, so what specific action needs to change for us to be consistent?

I think the reason I blame coaching is because, for whatever reason, BYU is not mentally prepared for games like this. It wasn’t just the myriad turnovers in the first half, but wow there was a lot of standing around and watching the game instead of playing it. How many times did a shot go up and everyone else would either watch the shot or head back down the court.

Nobody wanted to rebound the ball. I don’t know how many offensive boards BYU had but it couldn’t have been very many. The only offensive rebounds they got were ones that bounced right to them or came off long.

They just aren’t mentally prepared for a game every night.

That was a 1-9 wcc team that BYU just lost by 10 to. Also, I think the decapitation play had a lot to do with it. If the officials aren’t going to call that, what can you expect them to do… as a player? It gets really frustrating… I mean Bryant was nearly knocked out and no whistle? Who holds the refs accountable for not making a call like that? I think it is purposeful on the refs part and the weak make-up calls at the end of the game only add insult to injury. It was pathetic.

It’s a lot of different factors but coaching is the biggest. Why do the coaches yell at Dastrup? Why don’t they yell at Haws when he isn’t doing everything perfect? like tonight?

One last thing… this board is silent right now.

I’d transfer. Nobody should have to endure Rose’s incompetency. Sure Dastrup makes mistakes but he makes things happen and that volleyball spike was awesome. Church Money plays a terrible game and gets rewarded with 30 minutes. Dastrup gets jerked over and over.

WCC refs have created a new call…it’s called the no call foul or the Kim Jung un foul…it never happened.

Seljaas defending even average bodied players is over whelmed. Sorry guys but Rose sits players that can defend and score over players that huck up 3s.

I saw no effort out there, no juice. No real coaching


To be clear, I’m blaming coaching as well. But I want to know what specific thing they’re doing wrong because I’m at a loss of how to explain it.

I’m seeing all the same things you’re seeing. I don’t understand. The refs too.

And seriously, Haws needs to go to the bench if he can’t produce. Find somebody. Rotate it if you have to.

Yes. It’s bizzare. It’s like he’s defaulting to what he knows when things get tough. Stick with it! FEED YEOLI!!! I don’t get it. 5/25 from 3? Run the system and get the ball inside.

And Zach is 2 gaurd. Not a stretch 4. Can we just never do that again? I mean, we have BIGS!!! Let’s play them! We even have bigs who can shoot threes if we let them. Nixon is good and worthington can produce and may be our best defensive big. Play 2 bigs. Yo and even nixon can kind of move his feet. Punish them in the paint!

This season is over. Play to get experience. My starting lineup for saturday: Dastrup, Yo, Elijah, Bergerson, and whichever guard works his butt off.

Yeah, but don’t forget what grasshopper said… Dastrup doesn’t cut it in practice and that is the reason he doesn’t play more. The fact that the minute he came in the team started playing better apparently doesn’t matter. The guy scores a bucket, gets 3 or 4 rebounds, blocks 3 shots and has an assist in about 5 minutes and he’s done.

On what team does a player get this kind of treatment? I don’t care if the guy sits his fanny at centercourt and plays zero defense, when he comes in the game it changes for the better and he energizes the team! until he makes a mistake and the coaches jump all over him. Disgusting is what it is.

I swear it is like Rose thinks he owes it to the last member of the LP3 to let him do what he wants. I did hear the Rose got after TJ and Hardnett but it was probably only token gestures to balance the lashing that Dastrup gets.

Like I said midway through the game, this team is dysfunctional. There is absolutely no reason for this stuff to happen.

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yep, Rose does this often with superior teams, he just plain does not coach up talent. he does not play guys that he will need when ranked teams come to town.

It’s like clockwork, Rose will always lose 4 or 5 games he has no business losing to bottom feeders, it’s in his DNA

He’s built to coach an underdog team with 3 point shooting guards that can’t beat better teams other ways.

But he has the talent now!!! We have a balanced team with bigs! Use them.

I don’t understand.

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I feel like a guy who is out fishing and I don’t have a sure idea or reason why the fish aren’t biting but I have some pretty good ideas why because I fish a lot and I can usually figure out what to do to get them biting.

I keep throwing out ideas for what is wrong with BYU teams year after year and I think I am getting pretty close to knowing.

When you have a lot of success, which Rose has had, it is easy to become a know it all or complacent. I can’t say I blame him so much as i blame the situation. One thing you have to do is change things up and adapt to what is going on and what types of players you have. Most importantly, when something isn’t working you need to try something different.

Rose has a hard time doing that. He is successful but either he knows it all and can’t be advised or helped or he has become too complacent and as long as they get 20 wins (which they will) then whatever else happens is no big deal.

Is that close? You are a fishing guide so I expect you to know. :slightly_smiling_face:

ON a Rose team apparently

I have no beef with hardnett, he dogged Batemen all night. My beef is with Seljaas and TJ getting all the minutes and their stick bodies that players go right through like velvetta cheese.And those two are starters with starter minutes. To be honest, I would like to see a team of Hardnett, Eli, Nixon, Dastrup and Yo…lets see how these WCC deal with that beef. So tired of Rose (at least tonight)

Wait, @fish is actually a fishing guide? Now I’m jealous.

This is good. Objectively, Rose is the best coach BYU has had in terms of wins and production. unless you count the 50’s NIT stuff. But I’ve wondered if he just can’t step away from what he knows? It’s not like I want the guy gone, He just needs to go back to the drawing board and rework his philosophy. oh and then STICK to it!

That’s interesting, lets give that a try! More passing and less dribble penetration bouncing off feet.

If your pattern is not working, you change it up. In this case, you make them have to play your game…don’t go small ball when LMU gets all their points inside…you beat them up with your bigger guns.

I don’t think he is capable… too used to having one or two guys carry his teams. He expected Haws to fill in the missing pieces and as a result of that not happening, nobody else is prepared to step up when they need to.

I said it at the beginning of the season… that they would need more players to be more productive and that they should be giving time to those players with the most promise. Everyone knows I have been a big Dastrup guy and I warned that his lack of time would cost the team later in the season. Well, it is costing them now, to the tune of losing to 1-9 LMU.

It is too late now, whatever happens the rest of the way is irrelevant. They have the talent to win the wcc and the tournament but they won’t because the best players haven’t been given adequate opportunity and now the team suffers.

I hate watching this happen year after year. I just hate it.

Rose wants Childs and Bryant to be the guys, he wants Haws to be the guy and he wants Hardnett to do his job and Nixon and Seljaas to be the next line of guys. He doesn’t want Dastrup to be the guy but that is the coaches prerogative and fans must live with it. I believe that Childs, Bryant and Haws could all be the guys and Dastrup could have had a big game or two as well. This could have been a good TEAM but the time is gone now.

Wait till next year, right?

after a game like this, you’ve got me. I had high hopes but this coaching thing really has me out of sorts.

This is when it’s useful to get feedback from your boss. Where is Holmoe? I would be talking with rose about this all the time: What is it going to take to get consistency? Make that the new metric of success. [quote=“JimHawks, post:15, topic:7845”]
Wait till next year, right?

Basically. Do you see Rose getting over the hump and winning the tourney? I don’t. So lets hope he just does something different. I’m still here. I’m still rooting. But I’m mad.

So yes, let’s develop, please! Make this stretch about figuring out who has the heart for next year.

What? as if we don’t know this already?

It’s time for the coaches to get called out. They need to stop kicking the dog and love him a little bit more. It’s embarrassing the way Dastrup is treated… absolutely embarrassing.

I already put Dastrup on the list. That guy has it.

I want to know who else. Yo, and elijah are starting next year. Who else besides those 3 needs to be on the floor for 25 minutes?

Seriously? Name the gaurds you want? I’m not sure right now. I like Hardnet most nights, but I want more from him.

TJ…I don’t know what do with him. Zach same.

Apparently we are the only 3 that care enough to post after one of the worst losses in the last 5 years.

Childs and Bryant will be looked to for the bulk of the scoring next season too. Haws could be relied on if he realized he is not in high school anymore and he doesn’t need to be a highlight film for people to realize he is a good player. He just can’t seem to grow up. Dastrup should be playing 25 minutes a game at this point but he still gets less than 10, no excuses.

There is just way too much running of the offense. It is stale and you can tell who they are expecting to score so that is who the opponents guard. There isn’t enough freedom for other players to do anything, let alone shoot. They just fill spots on the floor.

But, I care a lot.

It is really frustrating.