BYU vs LMU game on

Not much noise. This is now the most important game. A must win. Keep the pressure on and keep turnovers at a minimum. BYU leads by 15 at halftime. Must stretch this out quickly to 25.

It was nice to see Johnson and Knell contributing something. It takes the pressure of Foos and Barcello.

I still don’t think they are a lock for the NCAA tourney but who knows.

A win tonight will help a lot!

A win tonight will go a long way to making it. If they win tonight I will say the odds are 50/50. If USF wins, I don’t think they make it… I think it ends up being USF, St. Mary’s and Gonzaga. I don’t think there is much hope of the WCC getting 4 teams in, even though they are better than some conference that does.

I changed my perspective… If BYU does pull out the win I think they will make it. I give it better than 50/50… I’ll go 75% chance they are in if they win tonight.

Not gonna happen. Our starting guards have committed a bunch of stupid fouls. Man they just rip your heart out

Great now we have a loaner shooting threes in the second half

They didn’t play a lot of minutes last night. But, you can see fatigue mistakes. Too much one-on-one. Shooting just isn’t there. Can they find it?

Why are you posting in the LMU game post? There’s a SF post going…