BYU vs. LSU in 2017

This is a nice game for the Cougars to get, vs. a storied program like LSU in an NFL venue:

BYU is lining up several games in NFL stadiums, that has to help with recruiting.

Does this mean independence is working?

I’m going. I grew up in Baton Rouge and went to tons of LSU games as a kid. I’ve always wanted BYU to get a match up with the Tigers. So excited.

My wife and I went to the BYU/Houston game at NRG two years ago and there was a really good turn out of BYU fans. Not quite half of the crowd, but getting close. However, given the number of LSU fans I’ve met around the office and town, I’m guessing they will have an even bigger crowd than Houston did in that earlier game. Especially since the drive is not too far.

I hate independence. We never play any good teams! :smile:

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