BYU vs Marshall

Should BYU do it? Tough call, but it might be the best they can do…seeing as how Cincinatti is running scared now.

Is this just a rumor? Where are you hearing this?

I think Marshall’s game this weekend got cancelled so it might make sense to play BYU. Both are undefeated and both are ranked.

nice thought but BYU needs P5s to play or it just ends up being the smug can BYU stand up tp the physicality of the P5s.

I agree with what you are saying but a convincing win over another ranked team probably gets them back in the top 12 and in line for a NY6 bowl. I think they need a game against somebody this week just to keep from getting too flat. Three weeks between games is too much time.

agreed, BYU did manage to stay in the spotlight over the past 2 weeks just on the committee slight, which is very good news. They have a lot of pressure on them over that flop. Having said that, I just don’t think they will budge until teams ahead lose. Going to be a lot of movement in the Big 10 over the next couple weeks.

Georgia and Tx A&M concern me as they are favored to win out.

A&M has the toughest schedule with road games at Auburn and Tennessee
Georgia has Vanderbilt at home so nothing is going to happen with Georgia

Georgia is in the East with Florida but even if Florida losses a game, they still would have the tie breaker with Ga. Florida plays Bama in the SEC Champ.
Tx A&M is locked out by virtue of being in the West with Bama.

We need one of this 3 to lose in the coming weeks

I can’t believe Georgia is ranked as high as they are. From what I’ve seen, BYU is the much better team. Their rankings should be reversed.

Texas A&M probably loses one game-BYU probably finishes 12 if they handily beat SDSU

I agree with your assessment! I would play Marshall and any other team to fill our 2 open dates.

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Go Auburn. Texas A&M vs. Auburn - Game Summary - December 5, 2020 - ESPN

The Indiana QB has a ACL tear and is out for the season. @ Wisc. 84% win.
The committee gave us the BSU QB injury crap and moves Indiana, ISU, and Ga ahead of us. Georgia has played a schedule whereby teams have a 15-29 record. hypocrisy.

Cinncy has to love it’s chances
Florida will lose to Bama (SEC final)
Tx A&M should lose to Auburn
Clemson could lose to ND again.

BYU could move up with
Indiana @ Wisc
Either ISU or Ok (Big 12 final)

PS. Cinncy can’t play BYU because of AAC rules.
. Because of AAC return-to-play protocols, Cincinnati will be unable to play this coming weekend, be it a makeup game with Temple or any other matchup. per ESPN

Tough break for Indiana- their QB is really good. It will probably move BYU to an 11 rating if they take care of business and a Fiesta Bowl appearance is looking better-Cincinnati probably plays Tulsa twice and very well could lose one :point_up:

I don’t see Clemson losing to ND with Lawrence back, but I do see A&M losing at least one of their remaining games in an upset. I have ND, Clemson, Alabama, and OSU (if they can get enough games) in the playoffs with Cincinnati leaping Florida and A&M

Agreed. Problem is, the power 5 teams won’t play byu. Not sure if its better for byu to continue beating up on weak teams, or just play San Diego State and call it a season. Either way, they don’t make the top 10, abd probably no new years six game…which is utterly ridiculous.

Marshall is ranked 16 which would be the best game on byu’s schedule. If nothing better comes up, and the game is available, I say go for it.

I’m 100 percent certain that this byu team would compete with any of the top 5 teams out there. Its frustrating that we will more than likely never know how good this team really is.

I’m thinking that Nancy Pelosi and the left wing wackos must be participating in these CFP rankings. Its inept, disgusting bunch of double talk and hypocrisy is unparalleled…

Makes me want to hurl. :face_vomiting:

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Fish all those losses have decent probabilities but likely the loser won’t drop below BYU. If Auburn beats A&M that might drop them below BYU. But if Cincy loses you know they will drop like a rock. They will probably lose a game vs Tulsa one of the 2 times they might play them. OK or Iowa St twill lose and drop below BYU. I suspect BYU will be 11th at the final ranking.

I don’t see the loser of ND/Clem dropping out of the CFP unless One of them gets beat by 21 pts or more and Alabama gets upset. If OSU loses and ND beats Clemson then we have a mad scramble on our hands.

I see Clemson out with 2 losses but not ND

Clemson loss would drop them out but not behind Cinncy. I know the odds favor Auburn over Tx A&M but not feelin it, Hope I am wrong. What I really want to see in the worse way is for ISU, Georgia and OK to all get their third loss. Posers.