BYU vs Miss State takeaways

  1. Highlight of the weekend was meeting C Bailey and his wonderful wife Anna. Thank you for your hospitality!
  2. Taysom Hill seems to have no ability to throw downfield with any consistency. He completes a 15 yard out and we jump for joy. He throws for 165 on nearly 30 attempts and people say what a wonderful game he had. Really? I still contend we are 6-1 or 7-0 and in the top 10 with Mangum at QB, but now we will never know. We trade a year of potential greatness from a guy with true NFL potential for a year of watching a gritty but statistically very underwhelming performance from our 6th year senior. I guess we each decide whether it is worth it.
  3. As hard as I have been on Hanneman, I think he had his best game ever as a Cougar. Kudos to #7.
  4. We were on the field for an hour before kickoff. SEC players really are that big, that fast, and that tough looking.
  5. ROC was unbelieveable. We really do have a great student section, and it’s fun to see the kids having so much fun at the games.
  6. Our D line should be complimented. We didn’t get many sacks, but our front 4 created enough pressure to force the MSU QB to throw on the run a lot, and he was TERRIBLE at it, so good job DL.
  7. Still waiting to hear injury update on Pau’u. He played MAYBE 1 1/2 quarters and had 9 tackles. He is awesome.
  8. It seemed half of Bernard’s 16 tackles were after he got beat on the edge, but props to him for hustling back into the play.
  9. 35 yards of passing at halftime was pretty hard to watch. I heard LaVell was issued a barf bag.
  10. Up close you can see these guys love Sitake and Detmer. That will translate in recruiting as well. Future is bright, B12 or no B12.

the pleasure was ours, Tom

First and foremost Byu’s line on defense and offense were at times overwhelmed by the Mississippi State’s front line.
In post game Sitake said that MST defensive line was massive even bigger than Utah’s and as a consequence BYU had no chance for a run game. Without a run game and having to depend on Hill’s arm really is not a good way to win a football game
Finally in the fourth quarter and certainly in overtime Byu’s offensive line was able to get a push here and there and that was the difference in the game.
Point number two. For most of the first half Mississippi State’s players were going down with injury. In the second half BYU’s injury started to pile up and that has me worried going forward. We lost so many good players especially big defensive linemen.
Number three, when Fitzgerald rolled out on the sides to make his runs our DBs are just downright sissies. We need to hit that guy like Mississippi State’s dBs were hitting Hill
Game balls to PutuLau and to Balderee for Big catches and runs after the catch. Another game ball to Detmer for calling that last play the game
Bernard was an absolute beast on defense and it was awesome to see Butch back. I have said all along that Nacua is an NFL starter. Williams will play on Sundays as well
Big props to coach for second-half adjustments shutting down Fitzgerald’s 10 yard passes on our right side. He was killing us in the first half. I am loving every one of our coaches more and more each day.
From here on out we will just have to live with Taysom’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type guy. At times his balls are puzzling and then he throws a perfect pass that changes the game This has to be a record, six poorly thrown passes into the right flat every single one of them going for TDs for the other team, I guess he will never learn
I do like the direction the team is headed in but I am worried about injuries from key lineman coming into this Boise State game on a short week

Nice posts to you both. I enjoy your perspectives on the game. Thanks for sharing. I agree with you both that we would see a much more potent offense with Tanner in at QB. But, at this point in the season, I don’t see any way that he will unseat Taysom. The coach’s have made their decision for better or worse and I really have a hard time not loving what Taysom brings to the game each week. I am sorry to hear that Butch has re-injured his knee. The paper said some of the MSU plays were diving at his gimpy knee. I hope he isn’t too seriously injured.

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I’m told that Pau’u actually broke his knee brace, and, when it broke, it caused some discomfort and that he begged to go back in but Tuiaki played it safe. POW’u should be back in the lineup Thursday night. He is now my second favorite BYU player behind JWill, and closing fast–just as he does on run gaps!


see this is why I read your stuff, your insider ties really pay off. You’re like some Hillary-Lynch without the Hillary-Lynch (LOL)

So where does this place Nacua? All he does is deliver. His ability to pick a ball when the game is on the line is uncanny.

You do know Hill’s QB score was 134 which is very good. MS defense was in my opinion the best, fastest and strongest we have seen all year.
It appears also that you two guys missed the fact that the offense changed in the second half. We went to a more hurry up after halftime. And, the offense flowed better along with Hill’s passing improved greatly. I’ve been saying all along if Hill is the QB play hurry up. So far, when we have, Hill gets into both a passing and running rhythm. We would be 7-0 had we started with the hurry up with Taysom.

The Trib this morning says Butch will be a game-time decision after a set back with his injury. Dang! I’ve been anxious to see Lapuahu, Tuiloma, Butch, and Troy Warner back at full speed. I’m afraid we will need all our weapons on Thursday if we’re going to have a good shot at beating BSU.

Well Said, Taysom certainly has my respect. He brings it every single play and aside from that retarded play out in the flat, into two defenders for a big fat easy interception, Hill manages the game well enough to get wins.

The real reason why BYU has won 3 straight is BYU has a top 25 defense that keeps us in games and we have exceptional coaches that make in game adjustments. Tuiacki did it to Fitz and Detmer on that last OT play. We will never generate enough offense with Hill’s arm to out score good offensive teams