BYU vs Pacific game

What is wrong with BYU Basketball. NIT bound

Apparently they are in some kind of funk. I am not watching but I see they are down 8 with less than 5 minutes to play vs. a team that has not won a conference game yet.

Make that down 10 with less than 4 minutes to go. Only 2:34 left and not making up ground, down 11.

Pacific is 0-4 in league and 5-13 overall. This would be a terrible loss.

Hold on, BYU down 4 with 1:39 left. Could they come back and win it?

Too bad… terrible loss, NCAA bid slipping away. How can they allow this to happen?

BYI bubble burst!
No Lohner?

Maybe BYU should do a lot more pressing. Seems to get their energy going. Start off games with pressing.

I’m going to say this again. How many times do our players fall down when being double teamed and pressed? We get back into the game, down by 2 points. Have the ball and lazily go through the motions getting Barcello caught in a trap. He falls down and gets tied up. Why? Other teams don’t have players falling down when doubled. They stay upright. Never got a shot off.

NIT bound now. What can Pope do? See my first paragraph.