BYU vs. Pepperdine (no ncaa tourney)

for BYU this season. Gonzaga and St. Mary’s are automatic bids no matter what happens in the WCC tournament. Next up are USF and Santa Clara, who are both playing better than BYU is right now. That makes 4 teams that have a better chance than BYU. No way all 4 make it, probably not even 3 with the bias against the west. I see USF as the only other real hope unless Santa Clara upsets someone in the tourney. BYU is in if they win the WCC tournament, haha, like that will happen.

It seems clear that BYU is a NIT team this year. I hope they get that invite and do something good with it as they look forward to next season. There is a lot of upside for next season and I think Pope will have them ready as they continue to prepare to join the Big 12.

Good win over Pepperdine and a fantastic, dominating performance by Foos, 25 points and 19 rebounds isn’t bad.

If BYU gets to the semi’s in the WCC tournament, BYU will go because of the number of quad 1 wins.

Nope. It’s going to take more than a semi-final appearance in the WCC tourney.

Those two losses to Santa Clara and Pacific followed up by the back to back double digit home drubbings at the hands of USF and Gonzaga ended the Cougars hopes and anything good they did early in the season is long forgotten. Gonzaga losing by double digits to St. Mary’s last night didn’t help either.

NIT for BYU.

You forget the metrics the committee goes through. There is much more than those losses. The many wins against quad 1 teams and even the losses to quad 1 teams play into it. Another against SF will do it.

BYU have to win the WCC tournament to get in the NCAA tournament. If we did that then we are one and done in the NCAA tournament.
But we lose in the WCC in the semi or final then we go NIT.

By the way what happened to Gonzaga losing to SMC? Or did coach Mark Few kept his starters at home?

Again, you aren’t looking at the metrics that are used. 3 teams will go from the WCC. We win the next 2 games, one against SF, we will go. All the Quad 1 games will get us there. And, if Gonzaga plays against us the way they did against SM we go.

Yes, Foos was unstoppable. I can’t remember any couger with 19 boards in one night

SF is a quad 1 game. If BYU wins, they have a 60% chance of being int he dance.

Yep! If we win the next 2 games, then we play another quad 1 game against Gonzaga.

You forget that ultimately the metrics don’t mean much and they pick who they want then justify it later.

Looking at Joe Lunardi’s last four in and first four out tells the story. The last four in consist of team basically from the east, Loyola Chicago, Indiana, Rutgers and Memphis. The first four out are SMU, San Diego St. Oregon and BYU.

I’m sure it’s all about the metrics which, by the way, Lunardi supposedly uses the same “metrics” the committee uses. So nope, it’s business as usual and we see it every year.

I have zero hope of BYU getting into the dance. our 4 game disaster did be in but…BYU had a top 5 early season run with
Missouri St

That is better then anything in the ACC including Duke

The committee has to look at our body of work and compare to all others

Right, but that’s before the WCC tournament and if we get to the semi-finals beating another quad 1 team. Please pay attention:-)

So, that means we do have hope because you are right about the quad 1 wins no matter when they were played. We beat SF and we have a 60% shot which is more than zero :sunglasses:

Anyone know the opponents in the WCC tourney? I’m assuming BYU is a 5th seed and not sure if Gonzaga would be the 2nd game if they win the 1st.

LMU first up. Then, SF. The winner gets Gonzaga in the semifinals.

Thanks-beat LMU, beat USF-you have a shot if they take 3

The so-called experts say we have a 60% chance if that happens. 100% if we can beat GU as well

60% is a funny number. Enough to give a fan base hope but not enough to confidently say BYU would be in. That is why, even if it happened, that 60% will drop to zero % if they make it that far. As for beating Gonzaga, don’t make me laugh.

On a side note, Gonzaga losing to St. Mary’s was karma for the elbow to the face and the non-stop complaining and berating of officials in the USF game. It wasn’t the refs fault, Gonzaga was destined to lose that game after the USF debacle.