BYU vs. San Diego.... No idea what to expect

I wanted to start this thread now because it is officially game day. What are your predictions for the game? San Diego is not playing as well as they thought they would this season but they do have some good players. The fact that Pepperdine took BYU to OT gives USD confidence I would presume.

I am concerned because BYU is not any better now than they were at any point during the season thus far. They are sliding back into hero ball mode, relying on whomever the coaches think is “hot” at the moment and hoping that player can Jimmeride the team to a win.

Elijah did it against Pepperdine, the refs did it against USF, Haws tried to do it against Gonzaga but the refs stepped in there as well. Will it be Childs turn to put the team on his shoulders. They just never came together as a group… again.

I think it depends on if Childs is playing or not. Those leg injuries can get real sore once they cool down. I would not be surprised to see them hold Childs out. He is a warrior and if there is anyway he could get in there, we will see him.

Without Childs this will be a game we could lose…or maybe get to see what Dastrup can really do?:sweat_smile:

:grin: Good one! :grin:

Well it’s the same old BYU enigma. They can play with the good teams or lose to the worst teams. BYU wins if Childs is 100% and Bryant and Haws have good games, otherwise they lose. Expect a physical game

No idea what to expect covers it.

We could win by 20 or lose by 10. If Yo is in good health, we could do very well assuming we actually bother to guard them. If we’re zoned in, we win.

I’m hoping to see the ball whip around and for players to move without the ball faster and earlier. I am a little worried about Williams or Neubuear going off randomly. But we have the players to beat their defense if we want.

This was the game where we were just out of our flow because of what they did. We need a better response this time. My guess is they’ll throw an extra guy at Eli and see if TJ is hot or not. This is the game where we’re going to need people making the extra pass.

Well, this has been a yawner so far. Midway through the first half we are watching the teams shoot free throws. No flow or rhythm to this game and BYU has 13 points with about 9 minutes to go in the half. Who is going to score the basketball for this team?

Wow… I would rather watch paint dry.

We got some crappy officials for this game, that charge on Childs was a terrible call.

Elbow to the face of Nixon, the guy should be tossed. Well they got it right.

I think I have come to the conclusion that with the players that Coach Rose has decided to go with, BYU is not good enough to compete for anything more than third place.

That is how BYU will end up for the foreseeable future, which could have been said 5 year ago. This is a third place team in this conference, that on off years may fall into a 4th or 5th place postion. It is too bad because I think they have the players to do better and compete at a level closer to St. Mary’s and Gonzaga.

It just isn’t going to happen.

Down by 11 at the half.

We aren’t matching their intensity and the fouls are odd today. We’re losing this game if somebody doesn’t step up.

See what happens when your bigs can shoot?

Our smalls can’t shoot today. 1-13 from 3’s??? That’s horrible! They aren’t focused.

GR: Not the refs fault. 1-14 from 3’s won’t help winning any game. We should forget about the 3 ball and drive the lane.

Let’s screen off the ball. Our offense needs counters to their counters

GR: There’s no offense that can teach players to make layups. How do you miss a layup point blank and not even touch the rim? Also, 2-16, 3 point shoots isn’t going to win against anyone.

I don’t understand why our gaurds never go tight around the screen. This is frustrating

2-17 for 3’s… I don’t understand how we are shooting so poorly…

GR: So many mistakes too. Childs getting caught in the air too much. Who will they put in the game to score?

Why did yo jump into that 3? Cone on man.

The three point shooting is bizarre. I have no idea what to make of it.

3-22 shooting the 3 ball. 13.6%. 37% for the game. Perhapse they might consider shooting less 3’s like they did in the past 2 games and won. Strange game with only 4 turnovers for BYU. This game was lost on missing 3’s and layups. Consistency simply isn’t with BYU.

In my opinion that play changed the game. BYU had pulled to within 5 at 61-56 and then Childs committed a bone head foul and put himself out of the game. When that happens and all you have to replace him with is Worthington (who can’t make a layup) then you are pretty much ending any chance to come back.

It’s too bad Dastrup didn’t find favor with Rose at some point during the season, even though he had several games where he made a big difference, because he could have helped this team.

But then again, we aren’t looking at a team that has made ANY improvements at all this season. They actually look worse right now than they did early in the season, something I said would happen withhout some player development and work on team chemistry.

It’s too bad.

Just wanted to repost this comment I made before halftime. It pretty much sums up the game and the season. I think they are now tied for third place, so there is a good chance that fourth place this season will happen.

Well, who knew he was going to miss a couple players to injury and personal problems. Dastrup only played well in one or two games. Nothing to write home about and he didn’t play well today.

We lost today simply because of poor shooting. I didn’t think USD defense was that good. You aren’t going to win many games shooting 22 3’s and making only 3. Make 3 more and we had a real chance to change the outcome of the game. And, the usual as I’ve always said, make the layups! The two Worthington missed layups were ugly. Consistency is what we lack. Maybe 2 consecutive overtime games wore us out…