BYU vs. San Diego round 3

This is a game BYU should win, but once again, who knows? Let’s just hope that USD doesn’t “abuse” BYU on the court and put a “beatdown” on the Cougars like last game.

Okay, so it’s the same starting team as always. Grasshopper did not know what he was talking about as usual.

Early on the difference in the game is USD hitting 3’s and BYU missing 3’s. This is too familiar, like it is following a script. I just don’t understand why the Cougars have become such a poor 3 pt. shooting team. Watching Yoeli shoot 3’s makes me wonder why Rose has told him it is okay to do that.

Another observation of note is all the fouls called so far are against BYU, like 3-0 now. I’m sure that is because USD doesn’t foul…

Nixon and Seljaas first off the bench, glad to see Rose “changing things up”.

I’m just going to track the break downs.

Luke late on a few rotations already
Yo needs to stick in the open there, that missed pass is on him.

Because we need him to be able to hit that eventually. It’s one of the things that makes sd hard to defend: 5 shooters.

Love the physicality and aggressive speed from nix.
I love the attacking mentality from the entire team especially Eli.

If they are going to close the passing lanes then the target has to cut to the basket.

Refs are barely giving Eli any calls

Seljaas gets out of position a lot with on ball defense.

Okay, I get that.

Now can someone please tell me why Seljaas gets so many minutes? He is an absolute liability on defense. He can’t move his feet, he is physically weak, he picks up bad fouls and he is out of position regularly.

Dastrup sits the bench.

Also, Seljaas can’t or won’t shoot the ball so please tell me what his purpose is out there?

No idea…

Seems like we’re having a bunch of 2 guys close out at the same shooter

We seem to miss a lot of front end one and ones.
Bad block out from TJ

Way to go Canon! Didn’t get the foul which was garbage Ang and then the steal and assist.

Nixon is performing so well.

Refs are calling this weird.

How was that a jump? That was an elbow to the face as the guy jumped on to yo

It is time for me to give Nixon some credit. He is hustling his rear end off and making a difference. Cannon drove the lane and had Haws wide open outside. He should have dished. For whatever reason BYU gets lost during the game with team play. It is like a guy starts feeling it and he forgets about his teammates.

BYU typically is lacking in the mental edge department.

I’ve been saying for years they need a team psychiatrist.

And now Bergerson gets into the game before Dastrup. This doesn’t make any sense. Apparently BYU"s 4 star recruit is the worst player on the team…

Yo needs rest, let’s give dastrup some run!

The mental strength thing is real. It’s been a problem for a while.

That steal dunk was hilarious

Hahaha… “steal dunk”.

That comment was hilarious.

Seriously. How is he possibly the tenth man off the bench??? That’s insane.

We still haven’t hit a three I think… Yet we lead by 4.

Now it’s time for some sane comments:

  1. Seljass is out there because we would have 3-4 and 5 all big men with their smaller players. It would be layup after layup.
  2. Dastrup has to be played to give Yoli a breather. But, Rose is playing not to lose and we know how that works out.
  3. The 2nd foul on Bryant was maybe a blessing in disguise. He had a chance to get some rest time. Haws also had a chance to rest.
  4. SD is taking away our 3 point shots from the guards. So, I like the driving into the paint. Eli just has to be careful not to charge. Not that that was a real charge. Pretty weak call.
    If we drive then we have to make the layups! Too many missed.
  5. Cannot miss free throws like that.
  6. I would like to see a press on our first made basket and see how they react without their head coach. We aren’t putting any pressure on the interim coach.
  7. Worthington isn’t giving us any points. Start Nixon in the 2nd half and let Dastrup sub for him.

I don’t know, I think you could play nix or dastrup at the 5 and be ok.


That’s good. Be positive. Eli is playing well.

This is exactly what you were talking about before.

And the free throws thing is infuriating. Yo lost 4 easy points in the first half.

You know what? I don’t mind anyone making the argument that Nixon would start. It’s ok. But dastrup needs to be the first big subbing off the bench. 6th or 7th in minutes. Not 9th.

Agree with pretty much everything you said here except the first one. That comment makes no sense. If you really think the 3-4-5 players would all be “big” and that USD would be making layups as a result, you are not thinking logically, but that is nothing new.

At least BYU is off to a good start in the second half. They could put this team away but I don’t think they will because that is just something BYU doesn’t do.

Obviously we will only get to see Dastrup when they show the bench after a good play and he is cheering on the team, just like Chris showed in the video by that Boney dude.

At least the grasshopper is starting to see the idiocy of not playing the guy…

You know one thing I like about this coach is he’s got a pretty consistent time out trigger. BYU goes on a 6 0 run and he wants to have a talk. He’s done it twice now.

This is what happens when you hustle and play team basketball. BYU is finding a rhythm and it has USD all messed up. Bryant is getting all the points but it is TEAM basketball that is making it happen.

That pass from Canon was unbelievable. I didn’t think he could make that angle. That looked like Haws but faster and more accurate, at least on they play.

Remember what I said about 5 minutes into the second half?

Here you go, BYU just can’t hold a lead and Rose waited way too long to call a timeout. With 4 minutes to go in the game USD has pulled to within 3 after being down by as many as 17.

They switch to the press and we lay off the attack and we give up a 15 point lead like that. What a joke.

How are we always this predictable and yet streaky?