BYU vs San Francisco

So, how did we win by only 6 points? We shot very well. They didn’t. Yet, they got 9 more shots and 9 more free throws.
I haven’t watched the game yet. What happened to Lohner in the 2nd half? Was he hurt? And, where was Knell?

BYU can credit Barcello and give him the game ball. I honestly don’t know why Knell didn’t see time as Johnson probably had his worst game. Lohner just takes what comes his way and doesn’t force things. George made some key shots. The turnovers were terrible and BA had some bad ones. Case again of BYU seemingly putting the games away, and then making careless passes and letting SF back in it. And lastly let’s remember that against BYU towards the end of the game, SF can’t miss from the 3 line. Worst game was Harward-non factor

Worst BYU game on defense that wasn’t a loss this year. Simply horrible D. If the team doesn’t play better D against SMC the game could be even uglier than tonight.

There was a reason Pope wasn’t happy with the change of sched for this week. The two toughest teams for BYU to defend, not named bulldogs of course, come to the Big Mac Center…take a hit on the efficiency ratings and hurt the chance to move up in the S-curve…

The score was not indicative of the overall game. I thought BYU controlled the second half and they were up double digits for most of it. That one dude from USF that scored all the points in the first meeting got hot again at the end and made a couple 3’s to get them closer. I never really felt like BYU was in danger of losing the game honestly.

Every time BYU looked like they were going to put the game away, they got sloppy and SF was able to get back in the game. You can credit the Dons for their 3 point shooting or BYU for uncharacteristic turnovers. The one item that was a glaring weakness in this game was every time Haarms sat-the Dons would flourish down low. This will be the plan of attack for every team BYU plays

when you have 10 guys that can plug in, you get these kind of games. With a rotation of 7, like most teams do, production is almost always from the same guys, Pope gets surprises almost every game. This was the Barcello Sr. night and why he is playing pro ball for many years.
In 1st game this season with fans, Alex Barcello scores career-high 29 points, sets 3s record in BYU win over San Francisco - Deseret News

1 Barcello was nearly perfect. played 35 minutes, 29 pts, 5 As, 7-7 from 3.
2 Lohner, 31 mins, 13 pts, 9 rebs, 2-4 from 3. probably caused 2 of our turnovers at the end because he is soooooo agressive and knocked the ball out of Johnson’s hands.
3 These two guys were on the floor at all times and believe it or not, playing with 3 subs to end the game.
I put a lot of stock on who plays at the end of games…this game, George was in to defend a red hot Shabazz Bouyea, and Rishwain (career night), impressive comeback barrage of 3s. Back to the point: Johnson, George and Harward ended the game. just curious that Johnson and Harward were in there. To their defense, SF would of made the run had out 5 starters been in, tough shots by SF.
4 Sf kept it close by hitting its first 6 threes and final 3 threes with 7-7 from the stripe. Credit to SF. 14 offensive boards and 7 turnovers for the game. 14!!! If I were playing BYU in the dance, I would tee off from 3 and go get O boards, not good.
5 BYU had some incredible numbers themselves. 59% shooting, 58% from 3, 11-19. Held SF to only 15 DRs for the game. The bad…allowed SF 14 ORs, 5 steals and all those gosh darn 3s to start and end the game.
6. George was statistically our 3rd best player on 11 and 6 rebs. Averette had a good night on 10 and 5 as. but he fouled out.
7 our bigs were ineffective outside of Haarms 8 rebs.
8 got to get more production for bigs for the SMC game. SMC is a very good tier 2 team with very average players. We have to play the possession game, think chess but with a BBall.

That is the really, truly, bad defence the team played last night. If they play so badly against SMC it will be ugly because SMC’s own defence is rock solid.

We got sloppy on offense when we get leads. We start trying to do too much too fast. Make bad passes and dribbling decisions.