BYU vs. SDSU, redemption?

What BYU CAN"T DO is let the same thing happen to them that CC did to them.
San Diego State is so offensively challenged that can only resort to ball control, exactly the very thing that CC said they would do before the BYU game and implemented their game plan to a tee.

And if BYU coaches don’t wake up and become creative on defense, we will all as collective fans be weeping and gnashing of teeth!

BYU might be a 18 point favorite in the game but I and all of you in Blueland are nervous, will we come to play or just barely squeak out a win

No we won’t. And this is the difference and why the offense shared the brunt of the blame against CC. CC was never offensively challenged. Their QB was excellent all year. We didn’t have to see that because their run game has been excellent all year. SDSU hasn’t been excellent all year. Good grief Charlie Brown’s.

San Diego State is pretty good defensively, so BYU needs to control the line of scrimmage on offense and shut down the run on defense, something they failed to do against Costal Carolina. I expect the defense to start out with the 3 man front and see how that goes. If the OL performance is good Wilson and receivers will do well-the running game will excel also. I think 18 points against a pretty good defensive unit is asking a bit much, though and expect a closer game

It’s fun to be right, isn’t it. When I saw that we were without Algeier and Romney I was thinking this game could be a tight one.

How many of you know that Rocky Long was the Head Coach for New Mexico and won more games then any other coach, taking them to 3 straight bowls. Then he became SDSU’s coach and that Bronco was one of his assistants before coming to BYU? Brady Hoke was also one of he assistants and came back after a stint at (Michigan) Long stepped down to go back to NM to be the DC. Another assistant of Rocky’s is the new USU coach, Anderson from Ark State.
to tie back to the SDSU game, in his last year at SDSU, Long said that he did not think SDSU should play BYU ever again after they left the Mtn.

One thing common with RockyLong’s teams was “defense”