BYU vs SF in game comments

Can’t see the game so what happened in the beginning that we are down by 14 at halftime?

I tried to post a reply but the board asked me if it was a complete sentence and then wouldn’t let me post.

It wasn’t a positive comment as BYU lost by 20 and was never really in the game. That makes two 20 point losses in wcc play and they haven’t faced Gonzaga yet. Not real content with this team and their direction right now. They are lucky to be 4-2 in the wcc so far.

We had a ward game night so I missed it, but it wasn’t on TV so no big deal. I had more fun playing outburst than I would have watching this game.

Watching the game on Root now. I thought it was live. I guess now I don’t need to stay up.

BYU appears to be playing for fourth in WCC this year—at best.

Childs could not hit an inside shot in the first half. Haws was playing hard, scoring points in the first. Baxter had a nice block.

Very disappointing season. Gonzaga will be a bloodbath.

Looks like we got back in the game. With 13 minutes left we were only down 6. Second game of a road trip is always hard. But, they went on a 12 point run and we didn’t score. ESPN is being their lowly selves and not posting the box scores again. Looks like Childs had a big second half. Haws didn’t score much so who else scored.

Hard to tell what actually happened and why. I’m not giving up on them yet. 4-2 is better than most of you have thought. But, I’m sure Jim will have his usual in-depth comments and conspiracy even though he didn’t watch the game :slight_smile:

Box scores finally came out. So, our starters played even with SF 53-53. But our subs didn’t. They had 2 players make 14-18 and that was the game.
They had more turnovers and more fouls. But, we didn’t take advantage of them. I guess someone said Childs didn’t make his normal shots in the first half. He short a lot. Emery was another 13 minutes no-show on offense. Can’t let bench players beat us like that.

This comment is irrelevant. I think you write things like this just so people will tell you how much they don’t make sense. If you looked closer, BYU had two players in double figures and one of them was Haws with 12. USF on the other hand had 5 players in double figures and the fact that 2 of them didn’t start the game shows they have developed their players well and have good team balance. That is something that BYU doesn’t have. They should because guys like Luke W. are seniors and have played a lot but are not productive. FYI Luke had 2 points in 20 minutes.

If you want to understand productivity, regardless of who “starts a game” and who doesn’t, look at how many minutes each player played and how many rebounds, points, assists, etc. they had.

Does that help?

My point is valid. The starters played SF to a tie at their place. But, a couple of their bench warmers got hot at their place and our bench warmers didn’t. That’s a problem. Sejlass and Emery have to come in and score points and play better defense. But, it was a road game and it makes it harder. Home team has a 10 point starting advantage in basketball.

There are a lot of sketchy comments in your post here. Being a starter doesn’t mean every other player is a bench warmer. You obviously don’t understand how a basketball team is put together or how it works, etc. That is surprising, considering your vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to coaching. How do you explain that?

There is no excuse but there is an explanation for why BYU was blown out at USF and St. Mary’s… they just aren’t that good and the coaching is marginal at this point in time. They haven’t recruited all that well and they aren’t developing players in a way that sustains a high level of play. The solutions are there, BYU just has to do something about it.

My coaching comments are logically sound. The starting 5 has been constant for several games and will be for the future. If Luke is doing well as he has in a few recent games he will get more time. If Baxter comes in and produces he will get more time. You do realize Baxter has no shot except for dunks and layups? He’s like Yolie was 3 years ago.
Yes, the starters are the starters and the bench is the bench. Sometimes the bench gets hot. But, we know that bench is suspect because lack of talent or like Baxter, still on his mission but getting there.
SF bench doesn’t do what they did that often either. It was in their gym and a couple of them got hot.
So, if Yolie was hot in the first half of the game. We wouldn’t have been down. Second half would have maybe ended differently. Yolie rarely has halves that bad. But, happens in road games. See what happens Thursday.

Terrible analysis…

as usual.

It was perfect and correct as usual. Just the facts without fake conspiracy

So JH. What does BYU have to do about it? A new coaching staff? Recruit better players? Joining a conference better (anything is better) than the WCC? Tell us, what are the answers JH?