BYU vs. St. Mary's

There you go-the secret to great teams and great coaches-the Woodens, the Belichicks, and a select group of others😉

Those guys are talented. I didn’t say they were NBA players but they are talented college players and I’d rather have them.

As in, Haws is playing defense…something Tyler never never, ever did

Don’t recall Haws ever defending Naar…he can’t and surely Canon can’t. Naar had 12 assists. Even an average white boy can get open with rubs but it is what Naar does with the ball after the rub. The dude is magical. I would also go on to say that Naar could not do much outside of a Bennett offense…too slow to create a shot, would not do much in offenses that does know their role. Naar is a product of a Bennett role system.

BYU would be destroying this rec league with Mika and Schroyer as the coach. Would not even be close.

I love the optimism fish and you know I respect you and your opinion. I also know that you are okay with a disagreement too and I am going to have to disagree again here. You used the word “would” and may have also used the words “could” and “should” but that is what fans say all the time. It is only conjecture, hype and hope until it is actually shown on the court. People said the LP3 would take BYU to a final four and we see how that worked out. Mika was a good player and carried the team before he left, but those teams never won a wcc title or tournament and for me, that is the mark that must be attained before I will be okay with what a team “would have” done.

ha ha-we will never know will we, but no-we wouldnt
be destroying the rec league with Mika, but we would be significantly better-remember we were going deep into the tourney with LP3? would ofs, should ofs, could ofs-all fantasies-all you have is the actual body of works and they aren’t impressive. maybe next year it will turn

:grin: the proverbial and annual “wait till next year” chants begin :grin:

Under sell, over deliver.

BYU faces real disadvantages but they sell tickets by hype and then people get mad when things don’t materialize.

I worry that the Athletic department in general thinks that if the coaches and players just try hard enough, we could compete at the top. Nope. we have to be smarter and embrace our nature as an underdog to beat teams that can out recruit us.

In other words, and to reiterate, be St Mary’s.

:wink: yeh you know what i’m talking about Hawks

Yes, had Mika (a great player) and Emery stayed we would be in first place. No question with the coaching this year. Fish is correct.

No way you can say that with any amount of conviction. It may be true but it is just as likely that it wouldn’t have happened.

You are the typical, unknowledgeable BYU fan… DELUSIONAL.

It may be true is correct. With Mika and Childs rebounding and defending the paint. Scoring at will and running a devistating High-low offense with Bryant, Emery and Haws shooting lights out. With Hardnett and others coming off the bench, wow!!!

and the delusion is alive and well !!!

I am to the extent that people argue with a knowledgeable defense. Here is my defense. Landale is dominate. Mika and Landale, I think, each outplayed each other a game and Landale dominated in the WCC. Mika would cancel out Landale leaving Childs to wreak teams. I find it hard to believe that we would not have won the SMC game at the Marriott. Pacific…please.

BYU could be sitting undefeated right now with Mika on board. We could also have 3 losses at this time as well.

Hard to defend…Man that makes me sad. I hope Mika is enjoying what he’s doing now. I miss him.

Moving on…We need all 5 players to threaten to score. I love that Elijah and yo and occasionally the glaring ginger are scoring well, but we need a couple other guys to step up and make more noise.

Seljias is disappointing. I don’t know if it’s injury or confidence but it’s too bad.
Dastrup is there. I think he should get 15 and a giant green light. We’re not winning this so lets develop.
Nixon can make threes and score around the hoop as well but hasn’t because he’s only taken 7 and he doesn’t have rhythm yet
Worthington needs to add one more move.
Hardnet needs to make a few more dashes to the basket.

no doubt, Bergerson has tons of talent and at 6’6 he will be a force. in early games he killed us, just not knowing what to do but this kid is gonna be a great one…also the Timpview kid on his mission. 6’8. gonna be special, gym rat and athletic but he is two years out.

thats a real iffy assumption considering they would have had virtually the same starting line up as last year with the exception of Emery who was a top 100 recruit as so many love to point out but i guess that’s the blue goggles talking unless you are saying Seljaas makes such a difference, but personally Id take Emery over Seljaas any day. of course you may be right with Heath teaching defense, but its all hype anyway and facts remain facts-third place finishes are the standard and until that changes its all hype-:wink:

Actually it is about this point in the season, when the writing is on the wall for BYU finishing third again, that fans not only start talking about the nba potential of the best players on the team but also about how good the future looks for the team.

It’s called the "we aren’t good enough to win the wcc or make it to the ncaa tourney so let’s talk about things that are indirectly related to the team like the nba potential and future greatness of the team?

Happens every year and is like clockwork. :laughing:

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over the past 4 years I have been posting about the Rose doctrine…run, gun, no defense. Works well against average teams but we got out scored by Athletic teams and were one and done in the dance.

Schroyer brought back defense in a big way (3 stops equals a Kill, 6 kills and the other team is toast). So why would you say its all hype? Schroyer gives me hope.