BYU vs Stanford in Stanford

It’s a shame we have to play them there. Hopefully we can play our best game there.

If we win next rwo games we might play against Jordan Chatman of Boston College. If that happens, I would love to see him play the best and see Dave Rose looking like a Sucker. I don’t mind seeing Jordan do well and win the NIT title and MVP in the final at MSG. Yes Hopper he did lied to Dave Rose but it didn’t matter anyway which I am glad he left and played well at BC against those ACC schools.

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Why is it a shame? What were you expecting? Are you still in a delusional state about BYU being a good team? Before we go any further, let’s set the record straight first. BYU is an average basketball team that has been inconsistent and mediocre all season long. BYU is also a team that had a lot of potential to start the season but had an overly conservative coaching staff that, in spite of having obviously talented and skilled players, refused to do what needed to be done to develop that talent to a level that would have helped them to a ncaa tournament bid or something better than a 6 seed and an away game in the NIT.

Wait till next year, that will be the year that BYU…

I got nothin’, I have no idea what will happen next year and have a hard time speculating…

Oh, so lying and having no integrity is okay with you? What would Jesus say? And BC isn’t going to the NCAA’s either. So, he lost an opportunity to get BYU to the NCAA’s by staying and he has lost his integrity with the Lord. And, you are okay with that?

GR: So, not developing one player, Dastrup, and you think the whole team didn’t develop? LOL!!! Actually, I think Dastrup has developed and gotten into better shape too! He lost all that missionary fat. What you always fail to understand is that every team develops and progresses as the season progresses.

There are over 300 college basketball teams and we are in the top 100 at the end of the season. I would say we are better than average. But, you are the math wiz…

The average basketball team in the Division 1 this year one 15-16 games…not BYU
The average basketball team in Division 1 this year lost 15-16 games…not BYU.
68 teams get invited to the NCAA Championship Tournament.
32 teams get invited to the NIT
meaning tht the top 100 teams roughly get invited. Being in the top 100 of 351 teams in Division 1 is not average.

It was a disappointing season…the worst February in the Dave Rose era.
The team played horribly against a rancid OoC schedule.
The team lost yet again to conference teams it should not have.
It lost three times to one of the conference opponents for the second straight year. Last year was the first time, SMC, and this year the second time, Gonzaga.
It lost all four regular season games to the teams above it in the conference standings a new low for a Dave Rose team…
The team was below average when viewed in light of Dave Rose’s own standards.
The team was far better than average when compared to NCAA Division 1 teams.

Three years ago…the NIT was disappointing…8 NCAA invites and the third NIT invite of the Dave Rose era…
This year almost didn’t even make the NIT.
The trend is not positive.

Oh come Scott this is non sense. I don’t think he lied at all. You said it youself and maybe I missed understood from you. If I was a player for Dave Rose team I may do the same thing transferring to another school just to play more. Or something better in education if something better at another school like Pepperdine. Anyway, good for Jordan and he is doing well their as a Student Athlete.

Having you seen any article that said Chapman left because of Basketball reasons? NO! not before he left Nor AFTER he left (which is usually the case when people leave for said reason).

BYU Law school would not allow him to play, since he graduated from BYU in Asian Studies and had three years of eligibility left, he went to a law school that would allow him to play.

Harold posted on another thread that there was a reason for this action by the BYU law school.

I have seen it on DN and he was seeking law school at BYU. He was told can’t play ball while at school. So he did chose to go to another school and I respect that.

GR: With what we had to play with Rose did well. He most certainly should have played Dastrup more minutes. But, there is no way to know if that would have changed things. Where we got hurt the most was the lean guard line. We had 3 good players, 2 average and one freshman that just needs time and a lot of practice. The big 3 had to play too many minutes. It cost us some games. One in particular I remember is the one where Bryant blipped out or had some sweat in his eyes and didn’t flip in a layup over Landale to beat SM. All we can hope for is everyone comes back and we get others healthy.

Yes, but he didn’t go into law school at BC. Instead, he did what he had planned all along and get an MBA which isn’t law school. What is there to respect about lying to Rose and his teammates? He could have just said to them he didn’t want to attend a bigoted homophobic college :wink:

Harold has some really good information on the MBA/JD at Boston College. One leads to the other… So No Scott, he did not lie.

Maybe it was that BYU Law School offended him… he left because the Law School thought they were holier than thou’s and truly did not have anything to do with Rose. :open_mouth:


You wrote:

<“Maybe it was that BYU Law School offended him… he left because the Law School thought they were holier than thou’s and truly did not have anything to do with Rose.”>

If the law school has rules that you can’t play sports while in law school how is that holier than thou? I have always taken Chatman at his word that he transferred because he wanted to go to law school and play basketball and BYU law school wouldn’t take him if he was playing basketball. It turns out he went to BC where he could do both and he changed his mind and pursued a MBA and it appears he may still pursue at JD at BC… That doesn’t make him a liar and it doesn’t mean BYU law school is holier than thou either. It might mean BYU School of Law has standards that are different from the BC School of law. Neither BYU law school, Chatman, or Rose are necessarily the bad guy here. Maybe nobody is the bad guy and Jordan Chatman took another path that has worked wonderfully for him. At least that is the way I see it.

I haven’t heard that Chatman has said anything negative about BYU or Rose.

Law School is pretty demanding and nearly everybody who attends a law school has used up their sports eligibility. Chatman’s situation was pretty unique in that he still had basketball eligibility left.and was ready to attend law school. How often does that happen? Hardly ever would be my answer. It could be that that BYU law school thinks playing sports is too much for a for a law student to take on. That may be the position of the BYU law school. If it is I have no problem with it. Sports are extracurricular and sometimes athletes, and fans, forget that.

Or, he told a lie that he really wasn’t interested in law school and just used it as an excuse. If he wasn’t then why isn’t he in law school now at BC? Seems like his nose is growing and yours too defending him :slight_smile:

Meh…seems like he used the BYU requirements as an excuse to leave because he never applied for law school at BC. He intended all the time to pursue his MBA which he could have at BYU. Maybe he told Rose he didn’t want to stay and Rose played along with the law school thing to protect Chatman. It’s so obvious someone lied. The changing his mind tale is a whopper!!! :crazy_face:

I am just being Sarcastic to those that think Chatman left because of Coach Rose and playing time.

I thought maybe you were being sarcastic…A lot of people want to blame Rose for every player that transfers. BYU has gotten their fair share of transfers from other D1 programs. If you look back over the years I think it has been a wash. They have won some and lost some. That is the nature of college basketball today. Guys are always looking for greener pastures. BYU got Chase Fisher, Matt Carlino, Keena Young, Rose (from last year, forgot his first name), and Kyle Davis from other D1 programs…There are probably a few others I have forgotten. All of those guys mentioned above started at one time or another.

You mean guys like Jim Hawks :joy:

Why are you incapable of connecting dots? A simple activity from your elementary school years and you can’t do it?

The team was better when he was in the game and getting decent minutes. He was a big part of the equation in several wins. His +/- ratio was always positive, meaning when he was in the game, the team outscored their opponent, regardless of who they were playing. The stats, along with simple observation prove it, but somehow you say there is no way to know if it would have changed things? It did for crying out loud. Wow! I just don’t understand how you can be this dense… :flushed:

I only blame him for the ones that transferred when he brought the LP3 in and while they LP3 were here. Those are the ones that I blame him for. It was clear what his intentions were with that group. All 3 were starters as freshmen, something Jimmer and many other greats never were. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that.

On the other hand, I appreciate your voice of reason and sanity. It gets old trying to reason with posters like the grasshopper, who possess no logic, reason or sanity.