BYU vs. UVU for the win

What I would like to see tonight…

Hope Haarms can go, we need him for the USC-UConn through SDSU run

Praying for Baxter, hope to see him tonite as well.

UVU are mostly local kids, we will see some familiar faces out there, like Blaze Neild, Colby Leifson. UVU should be a good shooting team but can they rebound or bang inside with BYU. They will be faster more athletic then Westminster but much slower then NO.(NO reminded by of a WCC team like Pepperdine or Santa Clara.)
UVU did have a break out player in their only game this season against Adams State. So. [Fardaws Aimaq. a 6’11 kid had a 24 point, 18 rebound game so UVU should be solid inside and out.
The spread is -21. I’ll go with BYU 87-65 UVU.

Interesting-more things to learn about the cougars tonight-really-Wade played a stellar game? I must have fallen asleep

This is when you need Haarms, blocking shots. Hope he gets some work tonight

Another slow start-came on strong the last 10 minutes of the half. Pope has to figure out the most effective rotation

Haarms looked pretty good once he got the feel of the game. Glad to see more post play tonight.

We need to see another guard step up for rotation.

Too many turnovers still. That will hurt next week against better teams. We did do better at the free throw line.

Yeh played really well at times-not sure how we let Woodbury get away from us, the guy is good

he didn’t want to buy into the team concept that is Pope’s current team. Madsen’s team follows the same concept but still has more space for hero ball because the talent is not as deep.

keys to the game:
Control Fardaws Aimaq- scored a total of 3 points
Make our F Throws- 11-14, much better
Make our 3s- BYU hit 11-25 for 44%
Haarms is the rim protector that we were told he would be.
Too bad about Baxter’s knee. You have to really feel for him at this time.

UVU was a good test for BYU and that Woodbury kid was lights out. 24 points and really had BYU on the ropes until Pope got the right rotation in there to slow him down. The Overton kid also caused BYU a lot of problems with his great driving to the hoop and getting our guys in foul trouble.

BYU has a problem defending great drivers. BYU has another problem in that we don’t have many penetrators on the team. USC is very long, we will be in Con. for the game, 3s are much harder to come by on the road. Every big man on board!

One weird stat: I looked at the clock and with 4.36 sec left, BYU as 72- 58 UVU. The final score
BYU 82-60 UVU. After a big run by UVU at the 6 minute mark and a timeout, UVU got 2 FTs in the final 4 minutes of the game. wow

Great win and prep for the games this next week.

Yeh Overton and Woodbury were very impressive. Lohner is getting a little better each game. When his shot starts falling -watch out. Funny we have seen little of Erickson in three games. Harding has been really steady and a key for BYU. Barcello is getting knocked around a little and not getting a lot of calls. Hopefully Haarms stays healthy and continues getting more comfortable in the offense. Overall I give BYU a “B” grade in this game, Lots of room for improvement, but doing what’s needed to win.

Too bad, he would have been a good fit. Good energy, good shot. Overton was impressive also

Johnson, Lowell, and Wade look like the short men on the rotation right now. Lowell probably hurting I would guess. Or just missing his time learning to fit in while hurting. I expect to see him a lot.
Johnson seems like he could be the guard taking it to the rim. Wade and Erickson need to see time for next year when they will be ABBA. Probably see all of them more when the dregs of the conference show up.

The conference is doing much better this year.

I would have like to see Erickson more as what little I saw against Westminister was good. If the game happens we should see what BYU is about the next two games.

My thoughts exactly. Just trying to read Pope’s mind here, If Barcello gets knocked around as much as in the UVU game, he will have to be called up. No way can Barcello stand that much abuse game to game (but then I said that about TJ and his slight frame, one of the most durable kids I have ever seen)

Great assessment, Knell seems to be emerging into a strong rotation guy to compliment Harding. He got the mission rust out and looks a little more chiseled. Of that group, Lowell is the easy choice to get more minutes with his reach and smoot long shot.

I have not changed my thoughts on Lohner or George. They will both be used a lot in the USC game with USC’s length.

Haarms is rusty but you see glimpses for domination out of him and I love his attitude. Harward also is figuring things out. The Mobley brothers will give BYU fits, but I think we will slow them down alot more then Montana did (or did not, hahaha)

Should be a great game

Barcello has bulked up and gotten a lot stronger. Coaches say he hit the weight room a lot.
Keep in mind, the coach has said he weighs the effort and development in practice on whose getting playing time. I’ve said this for years. But, we definitely need to see at least one more guard develop out of this group.

Wow, nice effort on the score prediction. You only missed it by 5 on each team.