BYU vs. Weber at Vivint Center in SLC

Tight budgets, buy-out clauses, and doing just enough to get by…Madsen and Rahe should be on the short list in a couple of more years when the buy-out clauses and doing enough both lower the cost.

BYU will look better beating a quality Utah team each year than the current. Oh look they beat a P12 midrange team, who is a rival so it gets discounted.

Once again you have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe you should spend some time with coach Pope and learn a few things about talent and potential and how to make something of it.

That was the words from the coach at the time. Again, Basketball coaches take in how players practice.

Dastrup had tremendous potential. We saw him make 3s better than any of the big men we have now. We saw him take one dribble from the top of the key and dunk over a big. Great enthusiasm. Rose killed his mojo and he never got it back. Based on what he has done with Harward and Lee, Pope could have made Dastrup become a very good player.

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How did Dastrup do at Oregon? Don’t remember him being honored for player of the year.

You are outnumbered by people who know more than you do and see potential better as well.

Take a step back and learn something, then move forward… instead of always stepping backward and losing touch with reality.

Ahhh… the old safety in numbers belief. If enough people believe something it must be true…
I didn’t say he didn’t have talent. I said he’s lazy and didn’t work hard. Not for Oregon’s coach either. So, why would he work hard for Pope?

Grasshopper-it’s Oregon State U, not Oregon U

Just being lazy. Oregon is Oregon. So, that coach :sunglasses:

I know-u and Dastrup😉

There is no safety in numbers situation here, just consensus from more knowledgeable fans than yourself. Time to accept reality and move on to your next disagreement.

Safety in numbers… got it :sunglasses:

Move on to the next disagreement.

Another game postponed. It’s a conspiracy against BYU. California teams won’t play BYU so BYU can’t get more wins. Keep them out of the NCAAs.

Did you just use the word “conspiracy”?

Of course this is all part of the bigger picture to control the masses and have government and the system tell us how we will live our lives. Contradictory to everything we have been taught about the gospel plan. This is what we get when we are unrighteous and subject ourselves to political leaders who would drag us down as a nation and people. This is the plan that Satan offered.

We know who wins in the end so if BYU makes it or doesn’t, who really cares in the bigger picture.

I just watched the newest version of Fahrenheit 451 on HBO. They made it about cancel culture and shrinking down the number of languages to eventually one. To them, this will make everyone “happy.”