BYU wins again.

and proves once again how bad a basketball team they currently are.

If they were playing a solid ooc schedule this year would look truly ugly.

As it is Rose’s string of 20 wins may be in trouble.

Nonsense…they did what they needed to do against UTA. Pass the ball more. Take fewer 3’s and shoot the 3’s much better. The question we will have against Alabama is if we can move the ball and shoot well. If we can we will be in the game.

Rose had to pull an injured starter off the bench to beat a decidedly less than average quality team, to barely win at that…just fills me with optimism.

if the cougs were as good as your blue goggles it would have three blow out wins by now…

He was good enough to have started. They were hoping to rest him for Alabama.
The fact is, BYU is 3-1. The one loss was because there needed to be more passing and better shooting.
Both UTA and Niagara have future NBA players. The loss, we shot terribly and didn’t pass enough. The win, we shot very well and passes the ball well.
You want to make it about something else. There’s only one of the big 3 LP’s. Worthington and Dastrup are playing much better than I thought they would. So is Nixon. Hardnett isn’t scoring like he will in a few games from now. Emery would really help spell Haws and Bryant. That’s still a big loss.
We are still a young team. You need to relax and not let the football season taint basketball.

Than why he was playing only 4 minutes against Niagara game? Is he hurt or what? Maybe you should ask Dave Rose for us. Payton Dastrup seems to play pretty good but not enough playing time.

I agree. Did I disagree? Nope… But, Worthington had a very good game. Exactly what I said the 5 position needed. Solid defense, get some rebounds and score 8-12 points. That’s what he did. But, I think Dastrup can do it and has more upside. All I can say is it must have to do with practice. Nixon is also taking time from Dastrup. If Rose doesn’t play him, I’m afraid he will be at UVU too.

Worthington will look decent against crappy teams, Nixon had a dad who played at BYU. The same old problems persist at BYU, the ones I have talked about for years.

I would love to see Dastrup leave and go to UVU for a couple seasons just like Nielsen did. Then we could all watch a team that actually competes with basketball schools. That used to be BYU, but the Cougars have found a new comfort spot, that being 3rd place in the powerful WCC.

The favoritism, nepotism and mediocrity seems to be the path BYU men’s sports has chosen. unless you play soccer or volleyball.

However, UVU gets all the nepotism players from BYU you complain about. I think your nepotism objection is without merit. Rose is always looking for the best athletes he can that will conform the best to BYU standards. And, if that’s and Emery, Haws, Nixon or whoever it is, we’ll take them. We aren’t Gonzaga or St. Mary’s who look the other way concerning behavior.
I say we can beat any team this year if we simply pass well and offen and make shots.

What do you base this statement on?

Do you know what nepotism means?

How did Emery do with maintaining the standards?

Why do you always set your built in excuses? I think BYU can beat any team in the country if they score more points than their opponent. LOL!