BYU wins and losses

Here is a nugget I ran across today

So the big ten has Wisconsin losing only one game this year…to BYU.

Buckle up

Interesting part about their schedule when they predicted losing to BYU and win all their Big10 West Division “including Michigan”
It will be a good game anyway! :smile:

At least this post made it into the category of being able to reply to it. Your post about the Heaps football academy with Russell Wilson didn’t. I can’t say anything about it, except in this thread.

I will say that while I agree with much of what you are saying, the fact that Wilson is willing to partner with Heaps does have some significance. He must think Jake has some redeeming qualities, unlike most of the fans who post around here.

Give the guy a break… that’s what the Savior would do… :innocent:

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Since when does anyone give BYU the edge over Wisconsin? Says a ton about what people think of Sitake.

As for Jake Heaps…Cougar Stats gave an interesting synopsis on pass % rate vs. yardage and it showed that 'ol Noodle Arm Nielsen was far and away efficient than Heaps. Go figure.

All anybody had to do was look at the stats and the won loss record and it was a no brainer that Nelson was better than Heaps. Heaps just never lived up to the natural talent he possessed.

So if the powers that be are saying that BYU will be tough to beat at home, something I happen to agree with. We look at two points here…Road games vs home games and the Michigan factor.

I think we are safe to say that MW teams and non P5 teams don’t factor much in our conversations (BSU is a P5 in my book) so We play LSU in Houston, LSU is at 13.5 points to win. The game could easily go into Sunday, BYU state’s it will play into Sunday if that should happen.

I would think BYU-Utah is a toss up but my nod is Mangum wants revenge and BYU wins at home.

BYU-Wisconsin, at LES. Win

BSU at LES, Win

Another SEC team, Miss. St at Starksville. They will be tough. Loss.

Lastly, the Michigan factor…everyone knows Mich. jammed, grabbed, held our receivers. We will see if BYU has prepped well. If we can get free to run routes, BYU will be tough.

We better take a closer look at QBs who graduated from high school and have not one but two D1 receivers on their high school team. Heaps had 3! In HS great receivers can make a QB look great! He had a strong arm but not much touch. His receivers would go get anything thrown their way. They were men among boys!