BYU's class of 22 is the bomb

Pretty much watched everyone of these kids highlights. This is a serious class of athletes, even some of the 2 starts pop out to me.

BYU football: Get up to speed on the Cougars’ 2021 commits - Deseret News

no doubt this season got some of the 4 stars to come here. Go Cougs

Winning breeds winning and kids want to win. Exposure, winning and NFL prep coaching are the keys to getting into the NY6 Bowls.

ummm… none of those matter when you have biased, bigoted voters. The NY6 bowl games will never happen for BYU and the perfect evidence is right out in the open this season.

Only looking through the lens of this year is short-sighted. If BYU consistently wins 9 to 12 games per season for several years, there will be tremendous pressure on the CFP “committee” to bump them up in their rankings. We have to have a longer-term perspective than just this season. The question is can BYU win like that year after year. They have not done so in recent years.

And we all know how the “committee” will bow to pressure. If you honestly think that will happen then there isn’t really much left to say. Yeah they might “bump them up” from say 14 to 12 next season? This has been an ongoing issue for more than 35 years… ever since the 84 national championship. The current political and financial climate will make it virtually impossible.

The CFP committee is biased and owned by the SEC primarily and by the P5 generally. However, string together 3+ years of 9 to 12 wins and the pressure from the sports public and national sports broadcasters will force the committee to treat BYU more fairly. String together 5+ years with such a record and they would be forced to set aside their bias. If you don’t believe that, then don’t.

Isn’t this the football season of 2020? What does past years have to do with whose the best college football team for the 2020 season? How many years a Program is good shouldn’t matter.
I personally think it goes beyond league biases. I believe it’s both political bias and religious bigotry bias as well.

There are P5 teams with big names and long traditions as solid football programs that don’t have to string together 5 years of great seasons. The same teams are ranked high year after year and some of those are mediocre teams (in that year) with big names, that aren’t very good. They put together ONE good season and they are in the discussion and playoff picture. I would love to believe/agree with Arkie’s premise but I see no proof, past or present, that such a scenario would happen.

There is a LOT of pressure from the knowledgeable football sportswriters and others this year but nothing is going to change… not this year, not next year, etc. The hypothetical of it changing after 5 years of dominant, winning seasons is just that, hypothetical and totally speculative… and not likely at all.

JCoug you aren’t very smart about this. You sound like a spoiled kid. BYU hasn’t had a good team for over 10 years. We haven’t built any cushion in the voters minds at all. Now we are going undefeated and you expect to be treated like Clemson ND Alabama or OSU?? We might be as good as they are this year … but I doubt it. Furthermore we haven’t earned it. We haven’t played anyone this season. We have to play a big boy and beat them I said from the beginning of the season on this board that we would be caught in the rankings by the big P5 programs before the CFP was finalized. We have to go get a game or 2 against decent teams and win them. That is the only chance at a NY6 bowl. Everyone points to Cincy and or BSU and says we should be treated like them. Why? BSU was much better of a program over the last 20 years. Cincy is a much better program over the last 5-10 years. The last 2 years they are 11-2.

If we had played our initial schedule and won all the games we would be in the CFP. If we had lost a game we would probably still be in a NY6 bowl. I am amazed that some BYU fans think this team deserves to be in the CFP. They don’t. Not unless they beat better teams.

If they did allow us into the CFP with our current schedule and we get destroyed then that would do us more harm than good. They would never give BYU the benefit of the doubt again. We have to be legit and there is no way you can say we are legit right now. You may believe this team is legit but they haven’t proved it yet. Take off your blue googles.

I am not sure anybody here realistically thinks BYU should be in the CFP. I would like to see them in a NY6 game. They probably need another game against somebody good and then need to win. I don’t know who that game would be against. There was speculation about maybe Miami because both teams had an open date on 12/5/2020 but I never saw anything regarding that game that is more than wishful thinking and now it turns out they are playing Duke this coming Saturday. Getting somebody on 12/19/2020 would seem unlikely unless Cincinnati wanted to roll the dice hoping for a playoff spot. I don’t know what weekend the conferences are going to have their championships decided this year. I think BYU would like to get another game but I don’t know who would play them at this point.

I think they need a game against somebody ranked who is lower than them in the rankings. I don’t see why anybody ranked ahead of them would want to risk their ranking and a probable spot in a NY6 game. Somebody with something to gain by playing them that is good would seem to be the best bet.

Aro has a better perspective than you do. I don’t think Jim thinks BYU should be in the CFP. But he’s right that we should be in the NY6 bowls and one of the top 12 teams. Note that the AP and Coaches Polls still have BYU at #8. The sports analysts are also in line with BYU being in the top 12. The bumping of BYU from #8 to #14 and not Cincinnati being lower is the problem. The rankings are based on this year and not the past 10 - 20 years. There’s bias in that committee and let’s see if they correct their error on Tuesday. I say they do.

The CFP committee was created because of the BYU 1984 championship. They did not/will never believe that BYU beating a 6-6 average Michigan team qualified as national champs but then nobody invited BYU to a big bowl to play a Miami or OSU etc because those bowl were for blue bloods., so we got Mich. in the Holliday bowl. Hence the CFP was created to AVOID future embarrassment.

We are, in a way, asking a corrupt property owner to trespass on their land. here is info on the revenue and how it is shared (Wikipedia)


In 2012, ESPN reportedly agreed to pay about $7.3 billion over 12 years for broadcasting rights to all seven games, an average of about $608 million per year. That includes $215 million per year which was already committed to the Rose, Sugar and Orange bowls,[67] plus $470–475 million annually for the rest of the package.[68] By comparison, the most recent contract with the BCS and the Rose Bowl had paid approximately $155 million per year for five games.[69]

The average revenue to the new system over 12 years is to be about $500 million per year. After $125–150 million in expenses, the Power Five conferences split about 71.5 percent of the remaining money, for an approximate average payout of $250 million a year ($50 million per league) over the life of the contract. The “Group of Five” conferences split 27 percent, about $90 million a year ($18 million per league). Notre Dame receives around one percent, about $3.5-4 million, and other FBS independents get about 0.5 percent of the deal.[70][71]

Extra revenue goes to conferences in contracts with the Rose, Sugar, and Orange bowls, which split revenue 50/50 between their participating leagues.[70] In non-semifinal years, the Rose Bowl’s TV revenue would be divided between the Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences; likewise, the Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl revenue to its participant conferences. When those bowls are semifinal games, the money is distributed by the playoff system to all FBS conferences.[67] ESPN has paid about $80 million a year each for the Rose and Sugar bowls over 12 years. The Orange Bowl deal is worth $55 million per year.[72] For example, in a non-semifinal year, the Big Ten could receive about $90 million (half of its $80 million Rose Bowl deal plus about $50 million from the playoff system).[70]

Conferences receive an additional $6 million each year for each team it places in the semifinals and $4 million for a team in one of the three at-large bowls; Notre Dame receives the same amount in either scenario. No additional money is awarded for reaching the championship game.[70]

The Power Five conferences and the “Group of Five” have not decided on their respective revenue-sharing formulas, though the SEC initially receives more revenue than the other four Power Five conferences due to its BCS success.[70][71] Reports say the money is to be divided based on several criteria such as “on-field success, teams’ expenses, marketplace factors and academic performance of student-athletes.”[73] The playoff system awards academic performance bonuses of $300,000 per school for meeting the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate standard of 930.[70] In a hypothetical 14-team conference, $4.2 million ($300,000 x 14) would be allocated to that league, and if only 12 of the 14 members meet the APR standard, then each of the 12 schools would receive $350,000 ($4.2 million / 12),[71] penalizing schools that fall below the threshold.[74]

agreed but no takers…case in point. Colo played SDSU when BYU was available (BYU probably ducked the no garrenttee that Wash threw as and for good reason, Wash was preping for Utah all the way) Miami could of taken BYU but scheduled 1-7 Duke instead. The freeze out continues.

I would love to see BYU in the playoffs, just to see if we could hang with Clemson or Bama. I think that OSU has shown that they are very beatable, N. D. looks to me to be very similar to BYU’s makeup hence a toss up for me. Cinncy would lose to BYU. We would Beat Georgia, NW, Indiana, Oregon, USC and any team the big 12 has… and that is my blue google assessment.

But then I have never said that BYU is playoff worthy, ever in any of my posts to date, while it would be nice, I just want BYU to rewarded with a Fiesta Bowl invite and to play anyone in that game.

The committee should penalize teams like Miami for ducking BYU for a 1-7 Duke team. Switch places with BYU so BYU is #10 and Miami is #14.

I agree with Hopper on this one. Miami should be discounted for ducking BYU. The media was all over BYU for supposedly ducking Wash. I doubt that Miami had any crazy stipulations like the PAC-12 … Miami just wanted to not take a chance on a loss to BYU and fall out of the NY6 bowls.

And the fact these top teams are ducking us should be a reason the CFP committee to put us back at #8. The Fiesta Bowl would be a nice game.

I agree that Miami should be swapped in this CFP because they chose to be chicken not to play BYU.

I am confused and I thought the G5 only qualify for the NY6 and not for independent group. Fish gave a link that I read yesterday and other link articles I read that G5 will qualify for the NY6. Several times I have doubts that BYU would not play in the CFP because the Selection Committees system stinks. Why not have eight team playoff? Two times SEC had two teams play in the CFP Alabama/Georgia and Alabama/LSU - it should not be allowed

I am plenty smart. Evidence on this board in the past has shown that. I’m not being arrogant but I do believe I know what I am talking about most of the time. Part of that belief stems from the fact that I recognize I don’t know everything and am willing to learn from others. I NEVER said or intimated that we expect to be treated like those other schools. I don’t think BYU is deserving or actually good enough to be part of the playoffs this year. That will NEVER happen so what is the point of discussing it? BYU could go undefeated 3 straight seasons and it wouldn’t happen. So discussing that is pointless.

On the other hand, should they be considered for a NY bowl game? I think maybe… and that is based on an EYE test. Frankly, most of the legitimate sports pundits agree with that. If they didn’t make it then oh well. But… to be ranked 14 in the first CFP ranking is a joke. There are teams in front of them that haven’t proven anything based on the criteria and standard/burden of proof. That alone should be enough to recognize what is going on.

Those of you who think that will change are delusional and have been for over 35 years now.

Eternal hope… I think if we had played the original schedule and won all games we would be selected.

Definitely eternal hope. Unfortunately 99% of the hope on this board ends up being exactly that…

It never pans out in reality. The only reality BYU will ever have is that 84’ national championship. There are just too many pieces to a biased and bigoted puzzle now that will keep it from happening. I could list them all but we have talked about it many times already. Honestly it is probably one of the main things that drives this board and these discussions… that being eternal hope or as some might say, delusion.