BYU's Holmoe enjoying rookie year as member of NCAA tournament selection committee - 13 Mar


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I am trying to post a New Topic on Women’s Sports, but the message I get from on my screen is,"you are not permitted to read this resource. I don’t get it. My comment will not post, so I will try here.
I am perplexed as to how the NCAA Basketball Tournament selection committee selects and seeds teams.
In thew women’s Tourney how is it that the BYU Women’s team gets a 14 seed after beating Gonzaga in the WCC Tourney and Gonzaga gets virtual home court advantage and an 11 seed. Yet BYU had to play a tough #3 seed Louisville team right off the bat. Louisville was still hot from a late conference tournament and BYu had to wait 12 days to play after the WCC win.
To me the teams that AQ from their conference tournaments should be seeded ahead of At-Large teams.
The BYU Men’s team is a constant At-Large team in the NCAA> Rose has not won a conference title or tournament since 2001. Still his teams get in with At-Large bids and generally lose one and done or twice were in play in games. In comparing Rose to Stan Watts, Watts won Conference Championships, Riose gets At-Large bids. Watts won two NITs when the NIT consisted of only eight teams. Who is better? To me it is Stan Watts.