BYU's Rotation is set

Coach Roses rotation from here on out will be 4 guards and Kaufusi…Sure Worthington starts and gets plenty of minutes but Kuafusi is emerging as a shot blocking inside defender. KC may be the only point guard in America that not only leads the team in assists but also leads in rebounds. Kyle should be given a new title of Point Forward.

When you couple these guys with sharp shooters Fischer, Haws and WInder, it is pretty tough to keep up with BYU’s ability to score.

Winder and KC’s ability to drive past defenders and score or kick out to an open 3 is very tough to stop so I like our chances in every game going forward except maybe Gonzaga.

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If we can shoot better against Gonzaga, I like our chances against them too. We showed that we can play in golorified high school gyms. And KC could be called a Power Point.

It does bother me that KC ocassially has times of sloppy dribbling and gets the ball stolen so easily. He needs to be careful about that.

I really would like to see Bartley play more too. tooleson is coming along and giving us some good minutes. Nixon does okay and with time, his shots will start going down too.

I was suprised about Halford in the past couple of games. He is doing better too.

Kaufusi is tough and, like you guys have already mentioned, he is really coming along. I see Corbin just continuing to improve as he gets more acclimated to the college game. He is an exciting young player.

Grasshopper, I agree with you about Collinsworth that there are times he gets too sloppy with the ball and it leads to turnovers. Weighing that against his versatility — his ability to to fill up a stat sheet, including two triple-doubles — helps alleviate some of those negatives. I think this is a telling quote from Dave Rose on Kyle and his willingness to contribute any way he can, via the DesNews’ Jeff Call (

“Lee Cummard was a guy who could fill the stat sheet and do a lot of things,” Rose said. “There’s a lot of Kyle that reminds me of Lee and a lot of Lee that reminds me of Kyle. We tried to get Lee to play the point because he was so diverse. He always felt more comfortable on the wing. That’s probably the biggest difference. Kyle wants to be out there (at point guard). He loves that spot.”

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